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Dheeraj MehrotraMay 31, 2014


The role of education in human capital development has been largely acknowledged for decades. However, the education industry, unlike other industries, has been a slow adopter of technology. Although this trend is changing for good, we need to ask–is the change fast enough (considering what’s at stake – the human capital is key to a nation’s empowerment)?

No doubt, the last decade witnessed a growing awareness of eLearning solutions among students, teachers and other stakeholders in th…

Veena RaizadaMay 31, 2014


With an increasing competition in the academic as well as professional world, students are nowadays studying for long hours to score high and achieve success. However, several studies have revealed that studying for long hours does not help one retain and take in more. Hence, the need for stress busters comes into play.

The following stress busters will help you relax your mind and body during exams.