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Dheeraj MehrotraJune 30, 2014


A teacher’s morale is an extremely important factor for consideration at both private and public schools. If teachers’ morale is high at a school in addition to a healthy faculty management, not only teachers are collaborative and productive but also students at the school excel academically, thereby making the school environment engaging and dynamic.

Sapna AgarwalJune 30, 2014


According to Piaget, there are four stages for cognitive development in children. These include Sensory Motor Stage, which occurs in the first two years of birth; Pre-Operational Stage, which occurs in the 2 to 7 age group; Concrete Operational Stage, occurring in children aged between 7 and 11; and Formal Operations Stage, occurring in adolescents (11-16 or above).

Sensory Motor Skills

During the development of sensory motor skills–which should be taught in the first 2 y…



Incidents of violence by young men are rampant across the world. Thankfully, in India, we don’t license guns as easily as elsewhere in the world so there are no instances of school shootings. Nevertheless, violence among young boys in Indian schools and colleges is not something we can ignore.

Dheeraj MehrotraJune 28, 2014


Do you have a student in your class who often complains of aches and wants to leave early? Do you have to deal with this little student who is hypersensitive and often cries out of hurt feelings? If these incidents are frequent, then don’t ignore them.

Symptoms of depression in kids are often different from those in adolescents. Adolescents often make self-deprecating comments that are typical of low self-esteem. They look isolated and…

Sapna AgarwalJune 27, 2014


It is necessary to remember that a bully will always do what he/she likes i.e. bullying. However, it is your choice to either be the victim or raise your voice. It is understandable that mustering the courage when being bullied may not come instantly; however, you can learn to defend yourself in the least against any potential threat.

In order to protect yourself, the first step is to change your perspective. If you think you are feeble …

Next EducationJune 26, 2014


Friendship Day originally was promoted by the founder of Hallmark cards, Joyce Hall in the year 1930. He chose 2nd August to be the Friendship day as this being the center of the biggest break between the holiday celebrations. In fact, the major reason to introduce this day was to increase the sale of greeting cards when the people would send cards to celebrate the same.