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Next EducationAugust 28, 2014


Parents should be in touch with their children’s class teachers, no matter whether their children are in middle or high schools. It will help them monitor their children’s academic progress and day-to-day activities. Besides, regular communication with class teachers enables parents to identify their children’s specific learning needs and address them appropriately.

Now the question is how will parents strike a conversation with their children’s teachers? The following tips will show …

Next EducationAugust 28, 2014


It may be a daunting task for school staff to manage day-to-day administrative activities with perfection. Besides, managing work manually, many a time, leads to confusions, owing to various errors and delays. Thanks to the advent of technology, academic institutions now can leverage school management software to take care of all their administrative and educational activities.

School management software consists of a large database wherein all school-related information can be stored. The cu…

Next EducationAugust 26, 2014


By Issahac V V

Quality education is the need of the hour and most of parents do not want their children to be second to others. Higher scores, better performances, better learning habits and motivation for a brighter future are some burning ambitions that such parents have for their children. Likewise, teachers want the performance of their students would be better than that of students in other schools. Therefore, teachers always go the extra mile for their students. Both parents and teacher…

Next EducationAugust 26, 2014


By Dr. C G Nagaraja

Every school intends to produce studious, hard-working and intelligent students so that they score well in examinations and increase the prestige of the school, thereby building up a brand. In this race of covering syllabus and preparing students for examinations, schools, teachers and parents often overlook a few things.

In my opinion, some essential skills should be integrated into the school curriculum. At least, top 5 life skills should be taught to children in addi…

Next EducationAugust 13, 2014


The internet waves have swept across the country, with almost every urban household having internet access through different modes of connection. Gone are the days when the term ‘internet savvy’ was only applicable to a handful of people. Nowadays, not only elders but kids are also riding high on this WWW wave.

However, the internet can be a dangerous place for people having limited knowledge of this medium. Especially for kids, the likelihood of falling into various traps is quite high. …

Next EducationAugust 13, 2014


Focusing on study may not be as easy as it sounds. Petty distractions, physical needs, a swirl of negative thoughts, stress, anxiety and many other factors can put a damper on your concentration during study. It has been found that around 80% of high school students face difficulty focusing their full attention on study. Therefore, despite their best efforts, their performance as well as results falls short of their expectations. Many psychologists and educationists suggest that students should …

Next EducationAugust 13, 2014


Friendly and outgoing are two common traits of kids. Unlike their elders, they do not feel hesitant and shy while talking to new people. However, there are some children who take time to open up. For such kids, it is quite challenging to socialize and participate in any conversation easily. Therefore, they cannot make friends and this inability may have a negative impact on their personality development. To help such kids come out of their cocoon of isolation, teachers and parents can play an ac…

Next EducationAugust 13, 2014


Globalized world is now a ground reality and English–unanimously approved and unofficially accepted–is the global language. Under the circumstances, a person’s professional success very much depends on his/her communication skills (more specifically, how well he can speak and write English). So, for your kids’ bright future, you must pay heed to developing their language prowess.

Mother tongue influence (MTI) is a major challenge to those learning English as a second language. MTI is mainly…

Next EducationAugust 13, 2014


Jim Rohn once commented “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” His quote is quite relevant in today’s competitive world, where one should have the ability to stand out in a crowd and lead ahead. To develop this ability, the role of self-learning is paramount.

Self-study or self-learning refers to the process where a person studies by himself using books, journals, and other sources. It is an individual effort, with guidance from teachers/me…

Next EducationAugust 13, 2014


Time management during examinations plays a crucial role. No matter how well-prepared you are, all your hard work and efforts will go in vain if you are incapable of managing your time properly during exams.

Consider the following tips if you want to know more about effective time management during exams.

  • Reach the exam center well in advance and take your seat.
  • After receiving the question paper, glance at it.
  • Shortlist the questions you are going to attempt…