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Next EducationSeptember 29, 2014


So, your child has been promoted to middle school. Now, it is time for him to be independent. Usually, children develop an urge to be independent by the time they reach class 5. Remember, your child is now no more a ‘baby’. Respect his/her urge. However, don’t overlook the safety aspect. Check out the following pointers.

Examine your child’s problem-solving skills: Is your child capable of solving a problem independently? Students in middle schools ought to develop pr…

Next EducationSeptember 29, 2014


In today’s evolving world, life skills—such as problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, teamwork—are gaining importance like never before. No doubt, these skills cannot be honed in the traditional ‘chalk and talk’ classroom setting. Given this, more and more schools are adopting new-age learning methodologies to ensure the holistic development of their students. It has led to an increase in the use of robotics in academic institutions across India.

Robotics provides an end-to-…

Next EducationSeptember 29, 2014


It is quite challenging for teachers to accommodate students with ADHD in the classroom. Such students are usually unable to follow instructions. Besides, their inattention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity pose a big challenge to teachers as well as the teaching-learning process. Surprisingly, many teachers believe that small punishments—such as scolding—are the best way to deal with such students. However, punishments may have an adverse impact on kids with ADHD.

There are some proven t…

Next EducationSeptember 29, 2014


Several research studies have revealed that teaching quality has an immense impact on students’ performance and success. However, many educationalists find it hard to define the term ‘quality teaching’. The reason is that teaching is often considered an art wherein it is difficult to define, quantify and express the best practices. Now the question is how teachers (regardless of their experience) can follow some ‘proven’ standards that will make the teaching-learning process more effective? This…

Next EducationSeptember 29, 2014


Nowadays, many teachers prefer using legos while teaching mathematics. Bright-colored legos can easily draw kids’ attention to the subject. In addition to their visual aspects, they are quite handy to use. There are different innovative ways to use legos at the time of teaching mathematics. Some of them are as follows:

  • If you are teaching fractions, use as many bricks (lego pieces) as possible. Make sure all bricks are same in size but different in colors. Now, ask your students to c…

Next EducationSeptember 29, 2014


Undoubtedly, exams are quite stressful periods in every student’s life. Being well-prepared is the one and only way to enjoy a smooth-sailing journey during these periods. Indeed, if you want to take exam-related stress in your stride, you have to study regularly right from the beginning of your academic session. Do remember that last-minute pre…

Next EducationSeptember 29, 2014


Middle school children often face great difficulty writing essays. Students, many a time, score poor marks in language papers because of this difficulty. Usually, a standard essay is written following some basic patterns. For example, the essay starts with an introductory paragraph and ends with a concluding paragraph, which summarizes the entir…

Next EducationSeptember 23, 2014


School refusal behavior is quite prevalent among young children. The term ‘school refusal’ refers to various types of behaviors, comprising long absenteeism from the school, complaints of illness while getting ready for the school, tantrums or other emotional and behavioral issues, such as crying, clinging, yelling, which kids tend to show while stepping in the school and so on. Some studies have revealed that about 2-5% of school-going kids refuse to go to schools. This problem is quite common …

Next EducationSeptember 23, 2014


The job of a school principal is challenging as well as rewarding. Being at the helm of an academic institution, a principal plays a significant role in creating an effective educational environment. Given the immense responsibility associated with the role, a principal should possess some extraordinary qualities and traits in order to perform his/her job successfully. Each of these qualities as well as traits manifests itself in day-to-day activities of a principal. Some of these qualities and …

Next EducationSeptember 23, 2014


Behavior management is a significant aspect of teacher training programs. Every teacher should be able to manage the behavior of his/her students effectively. Otherwise, even an immaculately developed lesson plan will go in vain. According to various studies, many experienced teachers go wrong when it comes to managing their students’ behavior. It is necessary for teachers to know some common mistakes that they tend to make at the time of dealing with students.

  • Falling prey t…