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Next EducationNovember 20, 2014


With exams approaching, students go on an emotional roller coaster–there is panic, tears, pressure and breakdown. Here are a few thoughts that will help in calming your nerves. Ready?

Learn the reality as early as possible

Once you realize that there is nobody else who can write the exam for you and there is no shortcut to success, you will be better equipped to get rid of exam fear. Follow a simple timetable while preparing for exams and it is probably the best possible …

Next EducationNovember 20, 2014


Like adults, school goers also suffer from various psychological problems. These problems can be severe or minor; can be ephemeral or long-lasting. Psychological difficulties have a negative impact on school children, regardless of their types and severity. Poor academic performance, poor peer and teacher relationships, attention difficulty, loss of interest in study or other activities, low motivation are some common consequences of these difficulties. If not addressed, these problems can turn …

Next EducationNovember 20, 2014


These days, parents often complain about disrespectful behaviors of their children. Incidents like kids/teens arguing with their parents or adults, throwing tantrums, using foul words, showing disrespect to others are now very common. Children seem to getting used to dealing with others in a disrespectful and rude manner. Given the prevailing situation, parents should teach children how to be respectful right from childhood.

Here are some tips for parents to follow while teaching respectful b…

Next EducationNovember 14, 2014


Theme-based teaching approach entails various activities that are interlinked with each other through their content. This teaching approach is closely associated with communicative language teaching. In the classroom, a teacher can use this approach in various ways. Using teaching methodologies, content, and activities from different subject areas is one such way. Besides, the integration of activities from other subject areas is another possible way.

This teaching approach is also known as a…

Next EducationNovember 14, 2014


Teachers play a significant role in developing students’ self-confidence. Since teachers have a great influence on their students, they should take initiatives to inculcate this essential life skill into their pupils. Here are some time-tested teaching strategies for teachers to consider.

  • Being a teacher, you should always praise your students for their every achievement. Do remember that positive feedback given by teachers matters a lot to students. It encourages, motivates and in…

Next EducationNovember 14, 2014


Phonological awareness signifies a child’s ability to use ‘words’ and ‘sounds’ appropriately. A kid with sound phonological knowledge can divide any word–for instance ‘cow’–into individual sounds such as ‘c-o-w’.

Apart from laying the foundations for good reading skills, phonological awareness helps in building many other skills. It enables kids to

  • Identify rhyme words, for instance, ‘Tree’ and ‘Three’
  • Break, combine, and remove syllables
  • Identify, comb…

Next EducationNovember 14, 2014


The whole language approach is an innovative way to teach/learn a language. This approach stresses the importance of learning through experiences as well as meaning-making. According to this approach, kids’ language experience plays a significant role when they speak. Therefore, an association is formed between the language and kids’ experience. A kid’s literacy practice is largely influenced by this association.

All whole language proponents believe that a language’s functional aspec…

Next EducationNovember 12, 2014


What is your level of alertness as well as focus when you cross a road buzzing with chaotic traffic? Quite obviously, you pay your undivided attention and full focus. You feel as if you are crossing a creek–all stepping stones being of different shapes. It is a small example of how daily activities can help in fostering concentration.

These days, social networking—such as tweeting, whatsapp-ing, and facebooking—has broken the stream of thoughts. Now while communicating, we tend to focus …

Next EducationNovember 11, 2014


It is quite difficult to overcome math anxiety. Unlike other types of anxieties, this anxiety cannot be avoided, especially at the time when one is struggling with a mathematical problem. Maths anxiety to a certain extent is quite normal, even accepted, as overconfidence may have a negative impact on a student’s performance. However, this anxiety should not go beyond control.

Consider the following points if you find it difficult dealing with math anxiety.

Regular practicing mathematics is…

Next EducationNovember 11, 2014


Movement-based learning is no more an alien concept. Instead, more and more schools across the world are embracing this innovative learning method. Using movements as a method of learning is particularly effective for children with special needs. Besides, children often develop better focus, comprehension, and organization skills through various kinaesthetic activities.

Drama, role-playing and theater are considered some good ways to learn concepts. For example, the English teacher can perfor…