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Next EducationDecember 26, 2014


India has the potential to emerge as an economic superpower only if its youth are nurtured to their full potential. It can be achieved in several ways, with a well-developed and systematic science education program being an important one.

Science education, comprising robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning, can produce an impressive number of researchers who can steer the country ahead with innovations and achievements. Not to be missed, the latest deve…

Next EducationDecember 26, 2014


It has been found that many students in India have Maths phobia. At times, this phobia can be so severe that students stress out and even catch a fever just before a Maths exam.

MathsLab—an innovative product of Next Education India Pvt. Ltd.—is an effective solution to this phobia, as it makes Maths fun to learn. Based on the philosophy of ‘Learn – Analyze – Build (LAB),’ MathsLab enables students to learn through various activities so that they can discover mathematical ideas all by…

Next EducationDecember 26, 2014


Most of the teachers are nowadays quite adept at using technology. They have started using technology as an effective teaching tool in the classroom. One benefit that they derive from it is that tech-enabled teaching tools helps them manage their time in the classroom better. They have also realized that digital educational technology helps in improving learning outcomes in the class, as it empowers them with a large number of tools and a lot of flexibility in planning lessons and delivering lec…

Next EducationDecember 26, 2014


Although teaching is one of the most revered professions, many people from the non-teaching background actually do not understand what is required from a school teacher. Surprisingly, it is often believed (wrongly) that providing lectures and marking exam papers are the main activities involved in this profession. This naive interpretation can lead to an unfair assessment of the workload that teachers often have to carry because of school administrative activities, which exclude the preparation …

Next EducationDecember 26, 2014


According to some researches, a person’s learning capacity can be increased through various methods; however, it is effective only when one recognizes his/her own learning styles. An increase in your learning capacity primarily depends on the techniques/styles you adopt, which best suit you at the time of learning. Researchers even say that different learning styles affect different parts of the brain.

The latest researches have revealed that students’ …

Next EducationDecember 20, 2014


Gone are the days when teachers faced difficulty generating students’ interest in English grammar. With the latest innovations, teaching English grammar is now just a cakewalk. These days, several grammar games and activities are empowering teachers to add some fun elements to grammar lessons.

An introduction to grammar games and activities

Grammar games and activities refer to a play-way method of imparting knowledge of English grammar to students. The main objective of …

Next EducationDecember 20, 2014


Nowadays, almost every school runs its own website(s). A school website serves as a powerhouse of information related to day-to-day activities at the school, an important branding tool and the brochure of the school. Therefore, when it comes to the reputation of a school, its website matters a lot.

Given this, you should take optimum care while designing your school website. Especially, you should avoid the following mistakes, which will pose a threat to your school branding activities.

Next EducationDecember 20, 2014


Here are some smart classroom management tips that will enable teachers to address various behavioral challenges of students and maintain discipline. These tips are simple to follow and they result in a dramatic improvement in students’ behavior as well as their learning attitude.

Let us have a look at these tips.

No friction with your pupils: No matter what classroom management strategy or method you follow, make sure that it does not cause any friction between you and …

Next EducationDecember 20, 2014


Students should be encouraged to enjoy the process of learning. If this happens, they will not only learn better but will also be able to overcome their exam fear. It is; therefore, the responsibility of all stakeholders—including parents, teachers, and school managements—to make the learning process interesting, engaging, and interactive.

Children should never consider learning a burden. Instead, they should be encouraged to take it up as a fun experience. One way to do it is to use vari…

Next EducationDecember 20, 2014


The best way to beat the public speaking blues is to inculcate this art into kids at their early age. It is easy to teach young minds public speaking, as they tend to consider it fun instead of a fear or challenge. With a little bit of help and guidance, children can easily acquire excellent public speaking skills.

The following tips show how to teach kids the nuances of public speaking.

Relevant topics: Bring enthusiasm while teaching kids public speaking. One good way to…