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Next EducationApril 22, 2015


‘Digital classrooms’ refer to the classrooms wherein conventional teaching is aided by technology-based learning. The popularity of these classrooms is growing fast in schools across India. A large number of private schools have already made the switch, either fully or partially, by adopting the digital classroom system. However, a huge majority is yet to make the change. The number of schools is so huge that the segment is expected to grow at a rate of almost 100 per cent per annum over the…

Next EducationApril 21, 2015


Virtual classrooms have already gained ground in the Indian education sector. Thanks to the ‘Digital India’ initiative taken by the incumbent government, these new-age classrooms are expected to take a new leap in terms of their expansion and popularity. Benefits associated with these classrooms are the driving force behind their growing popularity across the country. These benefits are not only enabling students to enhance their learning experience but also equipping teachers with new-age teach…

Next EducationApril 10, 2015


The introduction of information technology in education is a boon to students as well as teachers, since it has brought an improvement in the overall efficiency of the system. Technology helps in increasing younger generation’s interest in what is being taught in the classroom. It also unlocks their creativity in a better way. This is especially important in the era of the Internet, when everything is just a  click away. Today’s students are tuned to make the best use of technology and ther…

Next EducationApril 9, 2015


One of the most difficult experiences for children is being bullied by their classmates or playmates. You should always be aware of the environment around your child and make him/her aware of the same too.

The following steps show how to help your child cope with bullying:

Know the problem

Bullied children often find it tough to come out of the trauma. The reason behind being bullied can be anything. It could be shyness or innocence. Bullying can also take place in case…

Next EducationApril 8, 2015


Social media at times proves to be of great help for students. Students today use it nearly for all types of communication-related requirements in their life, right from staying connected with friends to discussing their homework.

Considering this fact, some schools today are also teaching students social media etiquette and rules. Some educators say that interactions on social media are quite positive and schools can even have a dedicated Facebook page for their students to communicate.


Next EducationApril 4, 2015


Thanks to the extensive use of technologies in education, it is quite clear that our education sector is on the highway of modernization. High-end technologies and multimedia-driven content have transformed the sector significantly. With this wind of change, teaching and learning methods and styles have undergone a sea change in many schools across the country.

The latest entrant to the technology-based education sector is cloud technology, which has brought more flexibility to the teaching-l…

Next EducationApril 3, 2015


ALL WORK AND NO PLAY makes Jack a dull boy, goes an old adage. It may, after all, be true, says a group of researchers at the Vrije Universiteit University Medical Centre in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The researchers, led by Dr. Amika Singh, conducted a study to find out whether there is any link between children’s physically activity and their performance in the classroom. According to the researchers, although more accurate and reliable measurements were needed to examine the connection in…

Next EducationApril 2, 2015


Self-learning without any external aide makes a student an independent thinker. Most importantly, it gives the student the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

Therefore, when a child learns independently and cracks a difficult problem, it is a reward in itself. Students retain knowledge better when they learn on their own, as then only they can relate to their work better and don’t feel restricted or imposed upon. In a self-learning environment, the job of a teacher is only to evo…

Next EducationApril 1, 2015


Don’t let your talent go unnoticed, exhibit it on a national platform instead. National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is giving you an opportunity to pit your intelligence as well as knowledge against that of scores of students across India. Apart from accolades and appreciation, you will be awarded with a scholarship if you clear all the stages of the exam.

NTSE, a national-level scholarship program, is aimed at recognizing talented young minds. It is one of the most sought-after exams …