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Next EducationAugust 13, 2016


In yet another attempt to make quality  education accessible to students, not just within the classroom, but also at home, Next Education has acqui-hired Xolvr, an online one-to-one learning solution provider for high school students.


The Gurugram-based company was started in February 2016 by Aamir Mojeeb and Mohammed Aqib, alumni of IIT Delhi and IIT Roorkee, respectively. The motive behind founding this edutech enterprise was to bridge the gap between students aspiring to get int…

aakashrajFebruary 11, 2016


In alignment with its mission to enhance computer education through cutting-edge computer science curriculum, Next Education has acquired InOpen’s Computer Masti as part of an all-cash deal. Computer Masti was created jointly by IIT Bombay and InOpen and is presently being used by 600,000 school students across India. InOpen’s talent pool will merge with Next Education’s 2000+ strong team.