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Next EducationFebruary 23, 2017


NSSO Report on education: Insights into the private tutoring industry


The National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO), in the first half of 2014, conducted a survey of 66,000 households. The report presents the proliferating nature of the private tutoring industry existing in India. The major highlights of the report are:

  • A glaring 21% of the student population, estimated at 7.1 crore, resort to private tuitions to bridge the gap between classroom learnin…

Next EducationFebruary 22, 2017


Sibling rivalry is any feeling of jealousy, competition or enmity towards one’s sibling(s). It may or may not be mutual. For parents, any form of it in any extent can be very challenging to deal with.


The following points may assist you in dealing with sibling rivalry in your children:


  • Start before they start:
  • First off, try to have a gap of at least 3 years in between your children. Children who are closer in regards to age ten…

Next EducationFebruary 18, 2017


Most children dislike, if not dread, doing their homework. As a parent, it becomes a gruelling task to properly motivate your children towards doing their assignment on time. You cannot do the homework for them because you understand how important it is for the  children to do it themselves. At the same time, you cannot push them beyond a certain extent as it may break their spirit. The following  are some smart tips on how to make your children understand the importance of doing their homewor…

Next EducationFebruary 18, 2017


If you are planning a vacation or looking forward to a casual break along with  your children, travelling is something which is highly satisfying. In addition to the inherent charm of travelling, it can help in building character and develop life skills in your children.

Here are a  few ways in which of travelling can boost a child’s brain:

  • Travelling is de-stressing: The most significant aspect of travelling is that it allows us to break free from the daily routine. Thes…

Next EducationFebruary 13, 2017


Personalised learning is currently a buzzword in the education sector. It is a learning approach that is often associated with students and implies the understanding that every learner comes with their baggage of biological and socio-cultural influences, and hence has individual needs, learning style and pace. The emphasis, therefore, is on teaching-learning practices tailored to suit the diverse needs of students. However, what is often ignored is the need for a personalised professional develo…

Next EducationFebruary 13, 2017


All of us start making transactions even before we are conscious of it. Generally, the most utilised liquid resource in the world is cash. It is earned in exchange for something or the other. Children are, however,  provided with their basic amenities and more by their parents. Hence, it becomes difficult for children to perceive the notion of ‘earning and spending’. Yet, it is not uncommon to see siblings bartering two toffees for a crayon. So, all we need to do is to make them aware about t…