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Next EducationMarch 29, 2017


‘Sports are such a great teacher. I think of everything they have taught me: camaraderie, humility, how to resolve differences’. – Kobe Bryant

On 18 March 2017, Next Education launched its CSR wing ‘Next Education Foundation: Be the Change’ in Ahmedabad. On the occasion, Mr Sameer Bora, the Executive Vice President of Next Education, presented an annual scholarship of INR 5 lakh to Aryan Nehra, a swimmer from Gujarat.

The 13-year-old swimmer   is recognised nationally and inter…

Next EducationMarch 20, 2017


Learning becomes meaningful when it is attuned to the needs, goals and strengths of a learner and he/she is at the helm of the learning process. However, that does not mean the isolation of the learner from the peers and teachers in the classroom in particular and the outside world in general. The learner needs to realise that individual learning goals fit within and are advanced through collaboration and engagement. A learner needs to  explore and critically understand his/her own world in clo…

Next EducationMarch 16, 2017


Four parents are waiting at the bus stop for the school bus to arrive. It’s 3:10pm and the school bus is here. Three kids happily get down from the bus, run to their parents and wave at their friends sitting in the bus. But what about the fourth parent? He seems worried looking for his child inside the bus, as he questions everyone trying to find out where his child is. There is absolutely no sign of his child. “We don’t know Uncle, where is Rajesh?”, “I don’t recall if he actually b…

Next EducationMarch 16, 2017


Being parents is a joy in itself. But what about parenting and particularly parenting preschoolers?

Parenting these tiny minds can be difficult sometimes. And indeed there is no reason to feel guilty about this. It is only human that while all of us want our children to grow up happy, confident and disciplined there come moments this seems an impossibly daunting task. In a fit of a second children might push their friend, throw away their toys and storm out of the room. The happy child might …

Next EducationMarch 10, 2017


Exams are synonymous with stress and anxiety for many of you. As the exams draw nearer, the stress levels build up, to the extent that all the year-long hard work goes in vain. We understand your problem. To help you retain all you have studied, and  brace your exams with confidence, we bring you these tips.

Prepare from well organised notes

Just before the exam you are pressed for time; you need to revise a lot and all subjects. Going back to all through the year you have studied …

Next EducationMarch 9, 2017


Next Education marked International Women’s Day with an event to highlight the importance of women’s health. The event was held post-lunch, during which several women-centric activities were organised.

Men on Women’s Day

Doing their bit, the male employees greeted  all women employees of Next Education with yellow roses in the morning.  They also wore badges with quotes and slogans to highlight the rarely discussed topics related to prejudices and discrimination against wom…

Next EducationMarch 3, 2017


Learning through a medium that both educates and entertains is called edutainment. Here, the aim is to make the learning process fun, thereby creating a positive experience. Research states that positive learning helps in better retention of concepts. Besides ensuring complete comprehension, keeping the students motivated and engaged is another challenge a teacher faces. Edutainment has broadened and developed, making itself adept at meeting such a challenge. Recent trends have witnessed i…

Next EducationMarch 1, 2017


Many a time, teachers have had to deal with students who are preoccupied with other things while the class is going on or are bubbling with enthusiasm, which is mostly misdirected. This not only hampers the development of that particular child, but also affects the concentration of others in the class. Poor performance, mischievous behaviour, incomplete homework and inattentiveness are typical of children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), which unfortunately results in scoldi…