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Next EducationApril 28, 2017


In an highly appreciative move, the CBSE has taken the decision to scrap the moderation policy under which grace marks were awarded to students in exams for questions considered to be difficult.


The decision was taken after a meeting led by Anil Swarup, Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, with education secretaries of various states and chairpersons of various boards. However, grace marks will continue to be given to students whose scores are on the pass-fail borders….

Next EducationApril 25, 2017


NextTools was conceptualised as a universal toolset that can be used by teachers to teach different concepts with ease, using graphical simulations.


The new version of NextTools is characterized with improved features, filling the identified gaps in the old version. It provides students with opportunities to practice the concepts taught in school and deepen their understanding of new knowledge. It can also be accessed on different platforms, such as the Web and hand-held devices.

Next EducationApril 22, 2017


Technology has touched all spheres of life, including education.  The advent of technology in the classroom has opened new avenues for teachers to teach and students to learn. Now, teachers have varied technological resources at their disposal to make the classroom environment interesting and lively.


a. Tablets are the 21st Century Books

Children need different books as they move from one grade to the next. Hence, buying a tablet is more economical in the lo…

Next EducationApril 20, 2017


Adolescence, generally equated with the teenage years is usually a difficult phase of life. Most adolescents live under the impression that nobody understands their perspectives, aims and aspirations; and that the older generation has no regard for their choices and opinions. There is often a conflict when their desire or claim for independence and autonomy is received with stark refusal from their parents. Most parents find dealing with their adolescent kids a herculean task. As the current gen…

Next EducationApril 17, 2017


Each year, we celebrate Earth Dayon 22 April to mark the birth of the modern environmental movement started in 1970. With the ozone layer depleting, industrial toxins dumped in the sea threatening aquatic life, and other hazards wreaking havoc on earth, the environment and its protection needs immediate attention.



America was exploiting the ecosystem during the 1960s and 70s. Massive V8 sedans releasing leaded gas were being run without the fear of any legal conseq…

Next EducationApril 13, 2017


It’s April! Every year, it is celebrated as Mathematics Awareness Month (MAM) to appreciate and foster awareness of the subject. The aim is to promote the idea that maths is more than just a set of abstract concepts. MAM urges each of us to explore the patterns, mystery and the magic in maths.


History of MAM

Mathematics Awareness Month began as Mathematics Awareness Week in 1986, following a proclamation by the then American President, Ronald Reagan. An excerpt from his …

Next EducationApril 12, 2017


The National Council for educational Research And Training (NCERT) might soon be awarding degrees related to teacher education.


In a draft bill, the centre has proposed to invest NCERT with the power to award degrees and also design its own courses. It has also been proposed to declare the council as an ‘institution of national importance.’  The draft of NCERT draft bill read, “The council shall have the power to grant degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions…

Next EducationApril 11, 2017


Today’s generation has rightly subscribed to digital citizenship. Right from entering the digital world by signing up for an email address to writing blogs and participating in online journalism, they use information technology extensively. In modern parlance, one who uses IT to engage in politics and society is called a digital citizen. From filing tax returns to applying for an Aadhar card, digital access makes everything possible and easy.

However, the use of technology also brims on the…

Next EducationApril 10, 2017


Maharashtra state board books for grades I-IV are all set to be changed from the academic year 2018-19. In addition all textbooks from grades I-IX will undergo a thorough re-examination.


Reports, by both state and outside agencies, have indicated low learning levels among the students, thereby compelling the board to take the decision. The state education department will form two new teams who will be invested with the responsibility to improve the quality of Mathematics and Marathi…

Next EducationApril 5, 2017


Next Education has collaborated with IITBombayX, the eXtended online educational services from IIT Bombay,  to offer free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on ‘Pedagogy for effective use of ICT for school teachers’ and ‘Pedagogy for effective use of ICT for Computer Science school teachers’. We are inviting applications for the courses. (hyperlink). Those securing a minimum aggregate score of 50% on assignments will be awarded an Honor Code certification by IITBombayX.