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Next EducationJune 15, 2018


Students have distinct styles of learning based on their abilities. They absorb, process, comprehend and retain information depending on their pace and the preferential way of learning. While some students understand the working of a clock through verbal instructions, some learn it by physically wielding it. Styles of learning also depend on emotional and environmental factors as each child is unique. It is, therefore, important for educators to understand the learning style of each child and de…

Next EducationJune 6, 2018


The word “Mathematics” is known to create fear among most students, because of which they consider the subject to be a barrier they won’t be able to overcome. But this is not at all true. Maths is a subject that needs continuous practice and dedication. We all know that “Practice makes a man perfect”. Thus, practice is the foremost thing needed to excel in maths.

Some experts’ study on maths

  1. Experts suggest that schooling, home life and stress all aff…

Next EducationMay 18, 2018


Computer science as a subject has found a regular slot in school timetables over the last two decades. However, compared to the traditional subjects computer technology education is still at a nascent stage. Though the market is flooded with publications dealing with computer technology and allied fields, it is an onerous task to identify ones with quality content.

Most of the millennial students are digital natives, for they are familiar with technolog…

Next EducationMay 17, 2018


Environmental education should be included in the curriculum to supplement textbook learning and impart practical knowledge about their surroundings to students. Exposure to outdoor activities helps them to be close to nature, thereby enhancing creativity and retention capabilities of the children.

How can environmental classes be conducted?

Environmental education gives learners an opportunity to understand the relationship between nature and the human system and recognise the impact…

Next EducationMay 14, 2018


The old and traditional way of learning focuses mostly on memorizing and rote learning.  According to the Encarta Dictionary, to learn is to acquire knowledge or skills, while to memorize is to commit something to memory. Our memory includes the maintenance of internal mental records preserved by the brain that gives us instant access to our personal past, facts, skills, and ideas that we have cultivated. However, learning means to modify the stored inputs of the…

Next EducationMay 2, 2018


‘Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders.’ While some children are blessed with innate leadership qualities, others require more effort and time to develop them. Being a good leader does not only mean leading a team, but also exhibiting self-confidence, good communication skills and the ability to strategise. Teachers and parents need to encourage and nurture children to develop their leadership skills.

Interactive activities play a crucial role in developing leadership skills. These …

Next EducationMay 2, 2018


A school is an institution designed to provide a learning platform for students. Schools play a crucial role in the life of children, and hence, are the best places to implement important training programmes such as self-defense. Self-defense classes should be made mandatory for all schools in India so that students are trained to be self-reliant and adequately prepared to ward off any sudden attack. Students should begin training from an early age of six to fourteen as their bodies are supple a…

Next EducationApril 24, 2018


Examinations are often the main cause of stress for most students. However, stress can be managed when you start working on yourself and your habits. Here are 10 tips to overcome examination stress.

1.Prepare ahead of time for the test

A lot of stress is caused when you cram in the last minute before the exams. This can be easily avoided if you prepare ahead of time for examinations. You can achieve this by creating a doable weekly schedule for studying. When you mana…

Next EducationMarch 30, 2018


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced a re-examination for Class 10 Maths and Class 12 Economics after discovering that the papers have been leaked.  It has led to a sudden uprising among the students. CBSE is yet to announce the fresh dates of the examinations. A complaint has been lodged against a coaching institute in Rajinder Nagar, Delhi which is suspected to be the lead source of the paper leak.