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Homemade mobile case


Create a mobile case at home easily. This project shows how to prepare it.


  • Old tie (Colorful one looks better)
  • Elastic (Thin one preferred)
  • Button
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pins


  • To create the mobile case, cut out two same-size rectangles from the tie.
  • Attach both the rectangles using the pins.
  • Cut out a ‘V’ shape onto the one side of the case.
  • Now sew up three sides of the case, leave the V-shaped side unstitched.
  • Attach the button just below the V-shape.
  • Use the elastic to create a loop and attach it to the other side (opposite the V-shaped side) of the case.
  • Your homemade mobile case is ready.

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