Homemade Wind Chimes


Wind chimes are a popular home decorative item. Students will surely love creating wind chimes at home.


  • Bamboo poles (Properly seasoned)
  • Thick plywood (1/4 inch and 30 sq.cm long)
  • String
  • Saw and drill
  • Hot glue gun


  • Cut the poles into as many as six pieces. The diameter of each piece should be at least 1 inch. Make sure each piece should form an open tube.
  • The hollow end of every piece should be split. Use a sharp knife and be careful. The last inch should be tapered at an angle.
  • At the opposite end, create a medium hole using the drill. Make sure that all holes are parallel to the cuts.
  • Draw a circle on the plywood and cut it out. The round piece should be at least 7 inches.
  • Create 12 small holes in the corner of the disc and 3 holes in the middle of the disk (Make sure that these three holes create a triangle shape). Insert string into the holes (the corner ones) and tie with the other ends. Now tie all bamboo pieces with the disk.
  • Finally, create a small loop using three strings of the equal length and tie them with the holes at the middle of the disc.

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