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Roses of paper plates


Create beautiful roses using paper plates. This crafts activity will show you how to do it.


  • Paper plates (3)
  • Water colors (Red, Pink and Yellow)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Stapler


  • Paint all the paper plates. You can use three different colors to color three paper plates.
  • Keep the plates aside to dry.
  • Thereafter, cut out the edge of a paper plate.
  • Cut out a spiral using the flat surface of the plate.
  • Before finishing the spiral, create a small circle at the middle.
  • It is time to curl the spiral around the finger. You should start curling from the pointy bit.
  • Continue curling the spiral until you reach the circle.
  • Through the middle of the rose, pull the pointy bit and then staple it to the circle.
  • Continue the same process with other two plates.
  • Your roses are ready.

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