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Anger management for parents

Sometimes parents tend to lose their control especially if the question is explaining your teenage child. Teenagers often backfire especially when in spite of being a grown-up are treated like a child. Read further to know how to handle such situations easy: Talk to them as adults The first thing is to talk to them… Read More »

Teach your kids conflict resolution

Conflicts among kids are quite common. However, it is important for parents to help kids acquire the skill of peaceful conflict resolution. It will not only enable kids to resolve conflicts appropriately but will also play a significant role in shaping their characters. When it comes to teaching kids conflict resolution, the following tips will… Read More »

How to develop emotional intelligence in kids

According to several studies, most of errant children lack a skill known as emotional intelligence (EQ). Daniel Jay Goleman, an author, psychologist, and science journalist, has propagated the concept of EQ, which signifies the human ability to comprehend, manage, regulate and use various emotions. EQ plays a significant role in developing a child’s ability to… Read More »