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How to Increase Your Learning Capacity

According to some researches, a person’s learning capacity can be increased through various methods; however, it is effective only when one recognizes his/her own learning styles. An increase in your learning capacity primarily depends on the techniques/styles you adopt, which best suit you at the time of learning. Researchers even say that different learning styles affect different… Read More »

How to foster essential life skills

What is your level of alertness as well as focus when you cross a road buzzing with chaotic traffic? Quite obviously, you pay your undivided attention and full focus. You feel as if you are crossing a creek–all stepping stones being of different shapes. It is a small example of how daily activities can help… Read More »

Strategies to enhance learning

Professor Marilee Sprenger, an expert at brain-based teaching and learning at Aurora University, has revealed that many teachers use brain-compatible principles instinctively. However, if they get more insights into these principles, they will be more willing to use these principles in their teaching methods. Teachers tend to be always concerned about their students’ attention as… Read More »