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Social media and digital education

Social media at times proves to be of great help for students. Students today use it nearly for all types of communication-related requirements in their life, right from staying connected with friends to discussing their homework. Considering this fact, some schools today are also teaching students social media etiquette and rules. Some educators say that… Read More »

Getting children used to self-learning

Getting empowered is the new mantra and the only way to make school children future-ready. At this tender age, it is important for them to explore the world around. This is where the importance of self-learning comes into play. To promote and popularize the importance of self-learning, several self-learning centers have sprung up across the… Read More »

Fun-filled education with interesting mobile apps

Digital education has significantly revolutionized the learning process, enabling students to study with full interest. With the help of a wide range of mobile and digital apps, students can steep their learning curve beyond the school as well. The following are some cool and much sought-after apps, which are even vetted by parents: Dictionary The… Read More »

How to find your child’s development in terms of executive skills

By Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra You can follow a plethora of ways to assess if your child’s development in terms of executive skills is as per his/her age. Does your child meet general expectations? The first way is to know whether your child is meeting general expectations at the school. Many children not only excel in… Read More »

Shifting focus from schooling to learning

India boasts of its education system and it has created necessary infrastructure, such as constructing buildings, hiring teachers, and so on, to support the system. With a reasonably sound system in place, educators feel that it is now time to bring a shift in focus from the system to learning. How can this shift be… Read More »

Building a better education system

Time has come when educators, policy makers, and most importantly, private companies should work together to help India emerge as a superpower by 2020. However, there are several challenges in the way to develop an integrated education system. Some of them are as follows: Getting access to quality-centric education, which is effective, relevant, and most… Read More »

A robust education system helps society progress

Education is one of the major sectors that influence the progress of a society. In developed countries, significant investments are made in the education sector and therefore, these countries reap the benefits of a robust and innovative education system. Of late, India is also making impressive strides in improving its education sector. Academic institutions across… Read More »

Self-management: An essential life skill

Self-management is a concept of cognitive behavioral theory. At the core of this theory, lie three assumptions. These are as follows: A person’s behavior is influenced by his or her thinking. It is possible to monitor and change a person’s thinking. Through changes in thinking, it may be possible to affect desired behavior change. Educators… Read More »