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How to find your child’s development in terms of executive skills

By Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra You can follow a plethora of ways to assess if your child’s development in terms of executive skills is as per his/her age. Does your child meet general expectations? The first way is to know whether your child is meeting general expectations at the school. Many children not only excel in… Read More »

Is your child hyperactive? Here is your survival guide

Parents of hyperactive children often face great difficulty in managing their children’s behavior. However, there are several ways to manage the behavior of such kids. Here are some of them. Regular participation in sports and other physical exercises helps in improving the behaviour of hyperactive kids. Physical activities enable such children to build focus and… Read More »

Psychological problems in school children

Like adults, school goers also suffer from various psychological problems. These problems can be severe or minor; can be ephemeral or long-lasting. Psychological difficulties have a negative impact on school children, regardless of their types and severity. Poor academic performance, poor peer and teacher relationships, attention difficulty, loss of interest in study or other activities,… Read More »

School Refusal Behavior

School refusal behavior is quite prevalent among young children. The term ‘school refusal’ refers to various types of behaviors, comprising long absenteeism from the school, complaints of illness while getting ready for the school, tantrums or other emotional and behavioral issues, such as crying, clinging, yelling, which kids tend to show while stepping in the… Read More »

Benefits of yoga for kids

Childhood in the 21st century is threatened by several factors, with stress and obesity being the crucial ones. Today’s kids are juggling several things–their schools, homework, private tuition, extra-curricular activities and most importantly, the constant pressure to score well in examinations. Therefore, kids are now more prone to stress. On the other hand, childhood obesity… Read More »

How to develop emotional intelligence in kids

According to several studies, most of errant children lack a skill known as emotional intelligence (EQ). Daniel Jay Goleman, an author, psychologist, and science journalist, has propagated the concept of EQ, which signifies the human ability to comprehend, manage, regulate and use various emotions. EQ plays a significant role in developing a child’s ability to… Read More »

How to deal with errant students

Dealing with errant students is a big challenge for teachers. Some teachers intend to nip misbehaviour in the bud and some take stern actions against such students from the day one in the classroom. Even at the beginning of an academic session, many teachers prefer making a note of their new students’ behavioural patterns and… Read More »