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Digital classrooms creating a brighter tomorrow for today’s children

Education is one of the vital aspects of every society. However, with time, the traditional way and look of schools and classrooms are changing, as they are going digital. Children nowadays are tech-savvy and therefore, digital classrooms are considered a potent tool of teaching and learning. With smart classrooms being implemented across the country, they… Read More »

What not to do when you set out to be a role model!

By Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra Right from the time you enter the classroom and the time you leave the school building, students tend to observe you and emulate you wittingly or unwittingly. So, you have to look out for a few mistakes that you must avoid in order to be a model for them: Having a… Read More »

Smart classroom management tips

Here are some smart classroom management tips that will enable teachers to address various behavioral challenges of students and maintain discipline. These tips are simple to follow and they result in a dramatic improvement in students’ behavior as well as their learning attitude. Let us have a look at these tips. No friction with your… Read More »

How to create a positive classroom climate

Creating a positive classroom climate is an important aspect of classroom management. Interestingly, the term ‘classroom climate’ is something more than the physical environment of a classroom. It refers to the process that helps in developing a psychological framework for all types of learning activities happening in the classroom. When it comes to successful classroom-based… Read More »

Let’s engage to manage

Engaging students in the teaching-learning process is an important aspect of classroom management. However, it is a daunting task for any teacher. Indeed, if you want to make your students understand what you are teaching, you should first make them listen to you. The following strategies will equip you better to engage your students in… Read More »

How to make up for lost time in your teaching schedule

At times, many teachers need to cancel their classes because of various reasons, such as illness, urgent administrative responsibilities, important meetings and so on. Such cancellations result in teachers falling behind their class schedule. Therefore, it is important for them to look for different methods that will help in covering the syllabus outside of the… Read More »

How to manage a noisy class

Managing a noisy classroom is one of the biggest challenges to teachers. No doubt, noisy students are a major deterrent to teaching/learning. At times, these students spoil other well-behaved students in the class. Therefore, being a teacher, you should address this issue before it goes beyond control. The following tips will pave your way. Being… Read More »

How to encourage your students to learn together

Group learning, also known as collaborative learning, proves to be more effective than individual learning, especially for students in middle and high schools. During a group learning session, students can discuss a subject/topic among themselves, which helps in sharpening their understanding of the subject/topic. Research has revealed that group learning helps students score high in… Read More »

Time management tips for teachers

At times, many teachers grapple with managing different tasks—such as teaching, grading exam papers and writing lesson plans—in the given time frame. Therefore, it is extremely important for teachers to master the art of time management in order to increase their productivity, thereby providing better education to students. Here are a few points that teachers… Read More »

Importance of emotionally competent teachers

In the classroom, different emotions–such as enjoyment, anger, excitement, and boredom–are palpable from time to time. Therefore, teachers should have the knowledge of emotional information and the ability to regulate students’ as well as their own emotions. No doubt, teachers’ emotional intelligence has quite an impact on the teaching-learning process. Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to a… Read More »