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7 Latest Tools for the Classroom

Technology has touched all spheres  of life, including education.  The advent of technology in the classroom has opened new avenues for teachers to teach and students to learn. Now, teachers have varied technological resources at their disposal to make the classroom environment interesting and lively.   a. Tablets are the 21st Century Books Children need… Read More »

Impact of technology on education in developing countries

In the past 50 years, education has seen lots of advancements in terms of technological assistance. Just 20 years back, computers were nowhere to be seen in classes. However today, this device owns a place of pride in nearly every household and school. With just a computer and an internet connection, one can reach out to every… Read More »

Why to use Google Docs in the classroom

Google Docs are increasingly being used in today’s technology-enabled classroom. Many schools are taking initiatives to create individual Google Docs accounts for their students and teachers alike. Similarly, teachers are exploring innovative ways to use these user-friendly online tools in the teaching-learning purpose. This article sheds light on some benefits associated with the use of… Read More »

The new-age TECH classroom

Compare today’s classrooms with the ones in a few years back and you will definitely notice many changes. Thanks to technical advancement, today’s classrooms boast of their image makeover. Indeed, the integration of modern technologies into classrooms has ushered in a revolutionary change in the classroom-based teaching/learning process. The following are some significant features of the… Read More »

Some tech skills that teens should acquire

Should teens need to acquire tech skills when they are in school? It is a long-debated topic, with different persons having different opinions. However, in today’s fast-evolving and tech-dominated world, it is now a ‘must’ for every teen to gain some technical expertise when they are in school. It will ultimately help them leverage modern… Read More »

Common tools used in educational technology

The 20th century has witnessed the emergence of the digital education era. The transition from book-based to web-based education is now a ground reality, with traditional chalk-and-blackboard-equipped classrooms being replaced with smart class and pixel-based teaching methods across the nation. When it comes to educational tools and technologies, constant evolution is the name of the… Read More »

The SAMR model and its relevance to classroom teaching

The Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition framework, popularly known as the SAMR model, helps assess the technology deployed at classrooms. Using this model, school administrators can evaluate how technology integration will benefit the teaching-learning process. The SAMR model is comprised of various levels, which are as follows: Substitution: At the substitution level, common classroom practices are… Read More »