February 22, 2017February 22, 2017


The Health Ministry has decided to provide peer education to adolescents through adolescent peer educators, who will be called ‘saathiya.’ The resource material prepared for them, which was released by the health Secretary C K Mishra on 20th February, seems greatly progressive considering that issues like sex and sexuality, gender and gender roles are still sensitive topics in India.

The resource material not just refers to attraction to the same or opposite sex as a normal feeling…

April 9, 2015April 9, 2015


One of the most difficult experiences for children is being bullied by their classmates or playmates. You should always be aware of the environment around your child and make him/her aware of the same too.

The following steps show how to help your child cope with bullying:

Know the problem

Bullied children often find it tough to come out of the trauma. The reason behind being bullied can be anything. It could be shyness or innocence. Bullying can also take place in case…

April 8, 2015April 8, 2015


Social media at times proves to be of great help for students. Students today use it nearly for all types of communication-related requirements in their life, right from staying connected with friends to discussing their homework.

Considering this fact, some schools today are also teaching students social media etiquette and rules. Some educators say that interactions on social media are quite positive and schools can even have a dedicated Facebook page for their students to communicate.


April 3, 2015April 3, 2015


ALL WORK AND NO PLAY makes Jack a dull boy, goes an old adage. It may, after all, be true, says a group of researchers at the Vrije Universiteit University Medical Centre in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). The researchers, led by Dr. Amika Singh, conducted a study to find out whether there is any link between children’s physically activity and their performance in the classroom. According to the researchers, although more accurate and reliable measurements were needed to examine the connection in…

April 2, 2015April 2, 2015


Self-learning without any external aide makes a student an independent thinker. Most importantly, it gives the student the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.

Therefore, when a child learns independently and cracks a difficult problem, it is a reward in itself. Students retain knowledge better when they learn on their own, as then only they can relate to their work better and don’t feel restricted or imposed upon. In a self-learning environment, the job of a teacher is only to evo…

March 26, 2015March 26, 2015


Getting empowered is the new mantra and the only way to make school children future-ready. At this tender age, it is important for them to explore the world around. This is where the importance of self-learning comes into play.

To promote and popularize the importance of self-learning, several self-learning centers have sprung up across the country. These centers are self-directed and students can learn from different resources ranging from online quizzes, animated illustrations to audio-visu…

March 19, 2015March 19, 2015


A child’s curiosity can be described as a combination of complex thoughts and an intense desire to know more about anything and everything unknown. Today, when children are taught to learn through technologies, colorful and pictorial content makes them understand better, which, in turn, leads to an increase in their level of curiosity.

Studies have revealed that when a child is curious, there is a sharp rise in his/her desired level of knowledge with just a small rise in his/her actual knowle…

March 16, 2015March 16, 2015


Education is one of the vital aspects of every society. However, with time, the traditional way and look of schools and classrooms are changing, as they are going digital. Children nowadays are tech-savvy and therefore, digital classrooms are considered a potent tool of teaching and learning.

With smart classrooms being implemented across the country, they have proven to be beneficial in many ways:

Encouragement and energy

With smart classes, students are always encoura…

March 9, 2015March 9, 2015


“Mirror, Mirror on the wall,

Who is the fairest of them all?”

For me, the story of the mirror began very early. I was in my kindergarten when this fairy tale was narrated to me by my teacher.

It was a moment of wonder how the mirror replied to what the queen desired and it was atypical day when the mirror refused to give the answer she wanted to hear.

For years, I kept wondering why it had happened.

As I grew, it kept coming back to me. I remember when a bundle of books was gi…

February 27, 2015February 27, 2015


Gone are the days when extracurricular activities at schools only meant dance, music and painting. Even as certain schools have geared up to make their students more artistically inclined to art forms such as these, extracurricular activities have gone hi-tech in a few other schools these days. Students now want to create robots and make them dance to their tunes right in their classrooms!

Robotics is no more restricted to defense and science labs. They are no more a spectacle you see only in…