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How to Increase Your Learning Capacity

According to some researches, a person’s learning capacity can be increased through various methods; however, it is effective only when one recognizes his/her own learning styles. An increase in your learning capacity primarily depends on the techniques/styles you adopt, which best suit you at the time of learning. Researchers even say that different learning styles affect different… Read More »

Benefits of Mind Maps for Students

Mind mapping is now gaining prevalence in academic institutions, corporate houses and government departments. As the name suggests, this process maps the direction through which our brain perceives things. If mastered the art, it helps in the decision-making process. The brainchild of Tony Buzan, an international speaker and renowned author, this process helps in boosting… Read More »

How to stay focused on your study

Focusing on study may not be as easy as it sounds. Petty distractions, physical needs, a swirl of negative thoughts, stress, anxiety and many other factors can put a damper on your concentration during study. It has been found that around 80% of high school students face difficulty focusing their full attention on study. Therefore,… Read More »

Let your children say “No” to Mother Tongue Influence

Globalized world is now a ground reality and English–unanimously approved and unofficially accepted–is the global language. Under the circumstances, a person’s professional success very much depends on his/her communication skills (more specifically, how well he can speak and write English). So, for your kids’ bright future, you must pay heed to developing their language prowess.… Read More »

The Four Cognitive Stages in Child Development

According to Piaget, there are four stages for cognitive development in children. These include Sensory Motor Stage, which occurs in the first two years of birth; Pre-Operational Stage, which occurs in the 2 to 7 age group; Concrete Operational Stage, occurring in children aged between 7 and 11; and Formal Operations Stage, occurring in adolescents… Read More »