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How to encourage your students to learn together

Group learning, also known as collaborative learning, proves to be more effective than individual learning, especially for students in middle and high schools. During a group learning session, students can discuss a subject/topic among themselves, which helps in sharpening their understanding of the subject/topic. Research has revealed that group learning helps students score high in… Read More »

Collaborative learning and its various aspects

Collaborative learning is a method wherein students team up to explore a topic, discipline or a project. A group of students discussing a subject/topic or students from different schools working together over the Internet on a shared assignment are also some examples of collaborative learning. However in this article, let’s just focus on how to hold… Read More »

Teacher’s role in promoting classroom-based collaborative learning

For middle and high school students, collaborative or group learning is believed to be better than individual learning. When students study in a group, they discuss a subject/topic among themselves. Such a discussion provides more insights into the subject/topic, resulting in more clarity and a better understanding of the subject and a higher retention of… Read More »

Collaborative learning in the tech era

In a nutshell, collaborative learning can be defined as co-operative learning, which encourages students to learn together and reach their common academic objectives. Some common examples of collaborative learning activities are group discussions, and group study sessions, which are quite common in the traditional classroom setting. The evolution of technologies in the past few years… Read More »