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Mathematics in Nature

Let’s Bow to the Greatest Mathematician Ever – Our Very Own Mother Nature Euclid, a Greek mathematician, once said, “The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.” Indeed, we are surrounded by mathematics. Although we hardly notice, it is true that mathematics is present in its various forms in and around our… Read More »

Why You Should Put Your Child in a Montessori Preschool

When it comes to early learning and early schooling, parents may consider the Montessori method, as the techniques used in the method are well-researched. The following are some benefits associated with Montessori schooling: Focus is on the key developmental stages The Montessori method focuses on the main developmental stages in a child between 3-5 years.… Read More »

Movement-based Learning

Movement-based learning is no more an alien concept. Instead, more and more schools across the world are embracing this innovative learning method. Using movements as a method of learning is particularly effective for children with special needs. Besides, children often develop better focus, comprehension, and organization skills through various kinaesthetic activities. Drama, role-playing and theater… Read More »

How to develop your pre-schooler’s interest in maths

Maths phobia is still prevalent among many Indian students. Although several innovative teaching methods have been introduced to improve students’ expertise in maths, they have yet to eradicate this phobia. It is, therefore, required for parents to generate students’ interest in the subject at the elementary level. Parents should always introduce their kids to maths… Read More »

How to teach your toddlers at home

For any parents, home preschooling is challenging yet rewarding. Nevertheless, parents should not forget that discipline is an essential prerequisite for effective teaching and learning. So, be disciplined first and then plunge into the excitement called preschooling. Indeed, preschoolers are quite curious about their surrounding world. Therefore, hands-on learning is the most effective way to… Read More »