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5 Tips to Help You Retain Concepts Better

Exams are synonymous with stress and anxiety for many of you. As the exams draw nearer, the stress levels build up, to the extent that all the year-long hard work goes in vain. We understand your problem. To help you retain all you have studied, and  brace your exams with confidence, we bring you these… Read More »

Ace the NTSE scholarship exam & bring out the talent in you

Don’t let your talent go unnoticed, exhibit it on a national platform instead. National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is giving you an opportunity to pit your intelligence as well as knowledge against that of scores of students across India. Apart from accolades and appreciation, you will be awarded with a scholarship if you clear all… Read More »

How to score good marks in ICSE History and Civics

Social Science papers in ICSE comprise History, Civics and Geography. It is important for students to score good marks in both the papers in order to get a good grade in the exam. However, it has been found that many students struggle to get good marks in the History and Civics. Here are some tips… Read More »

How to score well in chemistry

Be it a board exam or an entrance exam—chemistry is an important subject. Although it is a scoring subject, many students cannot score well. Chemistry-phobia is probably the sole reason behind it. So, if you have this phobia, rid your mind of it at first and start your preparation with full concentration. The following tips… Read More »

Effective tips to perform well in exams

So, your examination is just around the corner and you are putting your best efforts to perform well. Apart from your hard work and the level of preparation, some other factors, such as your physical and mental health, have a significant impact on your performance during examinations. Here are some easy-to-follow tips that will help… Read More »

How to help your children deal with exam fear

Students, more or less, are gripped by fear just before their exams. A little bit exam fear is rather good, as it makes students focus more on their studies. However, the situation turns serious if the fear engulfs them completely. If your children are consumed by such fear, you should lend a helping hand to… Read More »