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Next EducationMay 26, 2017


Education today has largely come to focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, abbreviated as STEM learning. The emphasis on STEM certainly is an appreciable move, considering its benefits.

Benefits of STEM learning:

Helps stay relevant- The need of education has undergone a sea change. While the knowledge gained through education continues to be important, it is also necessary that you have the skills and information needed to become a successful part of the workspace. Als…

Next EducationMarch 24, 2017


In a first in the country, an indigenous superpower drone has been designed by a research group at IIT Kharagpur. The drone has been named BHIM, after the Mahabharata warrior, Bheem.

The drone has been designed especially for emergency situations. Its’ creators have said that the uniqueness of BHIM lies in the unmanned aerial device’s protection shield, superior imagery and hitherto unknown abilities.

Sudip Mishra, a faculty member of the Computer Science and Engineering department, sa…

Team NextEducationFebruary 12, 2015


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education signifies the curriculum based on these four disciplines. In the global education landscape, STEM-based learning is steadily gaining prevalence. Even in India, many schools have started considering this academic discipline while formulating curriculum of their K-12 segment, the reasons being developing students’ interest in

Team NextEducationFebruary 2, 2015



“I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.” Confucius

This quote mirrors the benefits of hands-on learning. Time and again, it has been proved that the hands-on learning environment provides students with a better understanding of any concept/topic/subject. Especially when it comes to science education, hands-on learning activities and materials go a long way in impa…

Next EducationJanuary 29, 2015


“I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand”

– Chinese proverb

Some time back, I was teaching my nephew a geometric problem based on cubes and cuboid. Although he is a fairly bright boy, he found it difficult to understand and solve the problem following his usual way of solving on his notebook. So, I asked him to get a small cardboard and reconstructed the problem with a box made fr…

Next EducationJanuary 7, 2015


A common debate, in both the academic and business circles, is about the value of formal business education in comparison with that of real-world experience. While there are both staunch supporters and detractors of B-school education, the positive value-add that work experience brings for any professional is well acknowledged by all. The significance of first-hand business experience is something that even the most meticulously crafted theoretical models in business education cannot dismiss. As…

Next EducationJanuary 5, 2015


Over the years, learning has evolved to help people understand better and remember longer. The following are various steps of learning evolution.

Learning by hearing: Ancient India had the Gurukul system, where lessons were spoken by the Guru and students learned by listening.

Learning by seeing, hearing, and doing: In the traditional setting, schools use a combination of lectures and textbooks. Students learn by listening, reading, and writing. Of late, m…

Next EducationDecember 26, 2014


It has been found that many students in India have Maths phobia. At times, this phobia can be so severe that students stress out and even catch a fever just before a Maths exam.

MathsLab—an innovative product of Next Education India Pvt. Ltd.—is an effective solution to this phobia, as it makes Maths fun to learn. Based on the philosophy of ‘Learn – Analyze – Build (LAB),’ MathsLab enables students to learn through various activities so that they can discover mathematical ideas all by…

Next EducationDecember 26, 2014


India has the potential to emerge as an economic superpower only if its youth are nurtured to their full potential. It can be achieved in several ways, with a well-developed and systematic science education program being an important one.

Science education, comprising robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning, can produce an impressive number of researchers who can steer the country ahead with innovations and achievements. Not to be missed, the latest deve…