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How to teach kids about money?

All of us start making transactions even before we are conscious of it. Generally, the most utilised liquid resource in the world is cash. It is earned in exchange for something or the other. Children are, however,  provided with their basic amenities and more by their parents. Hence, it becomes difficult for children to perceive… Read More »

Some insights into fine motor skills

Toddlers’ proficiency in fine motor skills holds the key to success in their future life. Fine motor skills refer to the appropriate use of hands. A kid’s hand should be firm and well-coordinated so that he/she can hold a pen/pencil properly for long and write or draw something. This is where the importance of developing… Read More »

From the eyes of a parent: Is School the only ‘Temple of Knowledge’ for my child?

A common water cooler chat for parents who have school-going children is the steep school fees they’re paying for their child’s education. Apparently some ‘elite’ schools charge a fee that is close to the salary of a mid-level executive. But that doesn’t deter most parents from aspiring for such schools, because when it comes to… Read More »

How to teach your kids personal safety lessons

Children’s personal safety is a burning issue in today’s time. Given this, parents should teach kids some basic personal safety lessons. However, many parents often get confused thinking how to impart these lessons to their kids. For such parents, the following tips will come in useful. Speak openly: You should hold open conversations with your… Read More »

Is your child hyperactive? Here is your survival guide

Parents of hyperactive children often face great difficulty in managing their children’s behavior. However, there are several ways to manage the behavior of such kids. Here are some of them. Regular participation in sports and other physical exercises helps in improving the behaviour of hyperactive kids. Physical activities enable such children to build focus and… Read More »

Psychological problems in school children

Like adults, school goers also suffer from various psychological problems. These problems can be severe or minor; can be ephemeral or long-lasting. Psychological difficulties have a negative impact on school children, regardless of their types and severity. Poor academic performance, poor peer and teacher relationships, attention difficulty, loss of interest in study or other activities,… Read More »

How to help your kids manage back-to-school blues

Most of the students—irrespective of their ages—suffer from back-to-school blues after long vacations. This feeling has a negative impact on students’ academic performance. So, being parents, you should help your children keep such feeling at bay. Here are some tips that will come in handy for you. Do not break your kids’ daily routine even… Read More »

School Refusal Behavior

School refusal behavior is quite prevalent among young children. The term ‘school refusal’ refers to various types of behaviors, comprising long absenteeism from the school, complaints of illness while getting ready for the school, tantrums or other emotional and behavioral issues, such as crying, clinging, yelling, which kids tend to show while stepping in the… Read More »