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The importance of project-based learning

In today’s technically evolving world, various life skills—such as problem solving, decision making, critical thinking—are gaining importance. Project-based learning plays a crucial role in honing up these skills. Project-based learning—an innovative teaching method—enables students to gain knowledge and hone up various skills, as students can solve several real-life problems and complex questions while working on… Read More »

Self-management: An essential life skill

Self-management is a concept of cognitive behavioral theory. At the core of this theory, lie three assumptions. These are as follows: A person’s behavior is influenced by his or her thinking. It is possible to monitor and change a person’s thinking. Through changes in thinking, it may be possible to affect desired behavior change. Educators… Read More »

How to build your students’ self-confidence: Tips for effective teaching

Teachers play a significant role in developing students’ self-confidence. Since teachers have a great influence on their students, they should take initiatives to inculcate this essential life skill into their pupils. Here are some time-tested teaching strategies for teachers to consider. Being a teacher, you should always praise your students for their every achievement. Do… Read More »

How to foster essential life skills

What is your level of alertness as well as focus when you cross a road buzzing with chaotic traffic? Quite obviously, you pay your undivided attention and full focus. You feel as if you are crossing a creek–all stepping stones being of different shapes. It is a small example of how daily activities can help… Read More »

Some insights into life skills

Life skills refer to a set of behaviors required for managing our personal as well as professional lives in a better way. According to the World Health Organization, life skills are “the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.” On the other hand, UNICEF,… Read More »

Benefits of after school programs

It is quite challenging for parents to raise kids in today’s highly competitive and globalized world. Parents now need to ensure the overall development of their kids so that their kids can cope themselves well with their surroundings and rising competitions. No doubt, classroom-based teaching falls short of equipping students with essential skills. And this… Read More »

How to Teach Children Good Table Manners

It is said that good manners begin at home. Especially when it comes to table manners, the onus is mainly on parents to teach kids the dos and don’ts at the dining table. While acquainting kids with table etiquette, parents cannot adopt one single approach. Instead, their approach should vary according to kids’ ages. Here… Read More »

Impact of Classroom Design on Students Learning Capacity

Since years, innovative methods have been incorporated in teaching styles to help students learn and understand better. From the use of black-boards, classrooms have been updated and moved towards flashcards and audio-visual materials. However, do the traditional and modern classrooms really have an impact on students learning capacity? Read further. Traditional Classrooms Earlier, students used… Read More »