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Next Education in Collaboration with IITBombayX Offers Free MOOCs

Next Education has collaborated with IITBombayX, the eXtended online educational services from IIT Bombay,  to offer free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on ‘Pedagogy for effective use of ICT for school teachers’ and ‘Pedagogy for effective use of ICT for Computer Science school teachers’. We are inviting applications for the courses. (hyperlink). Those securing a… Read More »

International Women’s Day Celebrations at Next Education

Next Education marked International Women’s Day with an event to highlight the importance of women’s health. The event was held post-lunch, during which several women-centric activities were organised. Men on Women’s Day Doing their bit, the male employees greeted  all women employees of Next Education with yellow roses in the morning.  They also wore badges… Read More »

Defining New-Age Play in Education—Gamification, Game-based Learning and Game Design

Learning through a medium that both educates and entertains is called edutainment. Here, the aim is to make the learning process fun, thereby creating a positive experience. Research states that positive learning helps in better retention of concepts. Besides ensuring complete comprehension, keeping the students motivated and engaged is another challenge a teacher faces. Edutainment… Read More »

5 Ways to Tackle ADHD in the Classroom and Beyond

Many a time, teachers have had to deal with students who are preoccupied with other things while the class is going on or are bubbling with enthusiasm, which is mostly misdirected. This not only hampers the development of that particular child, but also affects the concentration of others in the class. Poor performance, mischievous behaviour,… Read More »

Next Education Acqui-hires Edutech Startup Xolvr

In yet another attempt to make quality  education accessible to students, not just within the classroom, but also at home, Next Education has acqui-hired Xolvr, an online one-to-one learning solution provider for high school students.   The Gurugram-based company was started in February 2016 by Aamir Mojeeb and Mohammed Aqib, alumni of IIT Delhi and… Read More »

Next Education acquires InOpen’s Computer Masti – Brings home core computer science curriculum

In alignment with its mission to enhance computer education through cutting-edge computer science curriculum, Next Education has acquired InOpen’s Computer Masti as part of an all-cash deal. Computer Masti was created jointly by IIT Bombay and InOpen and is presently being used by 600,000 school students across India. InOpen’s talent pool will merge with Next… Read More »

STEM education: Unlocking enormous opportunities for today’s generation

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education signifies the curriculum based on these four disciplines. In the global education landscape, STEM-based learning is steadily gaining prevalence. Even in India, many schools have started considering this academic discipline while formulating curriculum of their K-12 segment, the reasons being developing students’ interest in technology-based learning and encouraging… Read More »

School ERP and its benefits

  Dealing with a host of operational data is one of the major challenges to today’s schools, irrespective of their sizes. Besides, the cumbersome tasks of catering to all its stakeholders and handling various functions, including payroll, transports, inventory, and others, makes day-to-day school management more complicated than ever. Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, is a… Read More »