April 5, 2017April 5, 2017


Next Education has collaborated with IITBombayX, the eXtended online educational services from IIT Bombay,  to offer free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on ‘Pedagogy for effective use of ICT for school teachers’ and ‘Pedagogy for effective use of ICT for Computer Science school teachers’. We are inviting applications for the courses. (hyperlink). Those securing a minimum aggregate score of 50% on assignments will be awarded an Honor Code certification by IITBombayX.



March 29, 2017March 29, 2017


‘Sports are such a great teacher. I think of everything they have taught me: camaraderie, humility, how to resolve differences’. – Kobe Bryant

On 18 March 2017, Next Education launched its CSR wing ‘Next Education Foundation: Be the Change’ in Ahmedabad. On the occasion, Mr Sameer Bora, the Executive Vice President of Next Education, presented an annual scholarship of INR 5 lakh to Aryan Nehra, a swimmer from Gujarat.

The 13-year-old swimmer   is recognised nationally and inter…

July 19, 2014July 19, 2014


Education has a direct link with a country’s prosperity. Our large population must be leveraged to advantage. All countries with huge populations have made excellent use of this human resource to drive economic growth and improve the standard of living. This was possible  mainly through the achievement of high literacy rate.

Singapore exemplifies how education can transform a country. Although it has limited natural resources, Singapore boasts a high GDP, which is mainly due to education. …