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School ERP and its benefits

  Dealing with a host of operational data is one of the major challenges to today’s schools, irrespective of their sizes. Besides, the cumbersome tasks of catering to all its stakeholders and handling various functions, including payroll, transports, inventory, and others, makes day-to-day school management more complicated than ever. Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, is a… Read More »

Let teachers do the teaching – effectively and efficiently

Although teaching is one of the most revered professions, many people from the non-teaching background actually do not understand what is required from a school teacher. Surprisingly, it is often believed (wrongly) that providing lectures and marking exam papers are the main activities involved in this profession. This naive interpretation can lead to an unfair… Read More »

Schools adopting IT to improve quality of education

India has a mammoth education system. The sheer size of India’s educational system presents a huge opportunity for information technology (IT). Schools are now looking at IT as a means to improve the quality of education in general and the quality of teaching in the institutions in particular. Education has changed from blackboard teaching to… Read More »

Supplemental to Integral – Changing role of technology in education

The role of education in human capital development has been largely acknowledged for decades. However, the education industry, unlike other industries, has been a slow adopter of technology. Although this trend is changing for good, we need to ask–is the change fast enough (considering what’s at stake – the human capital is key to a… Read More »

Class Registration Software Improves School Administration

Keeping a school’s administrative records up to the mark can prove to be a daunting task. In the academic institutions, it is important to keep a track of the administrative necessities also along with the raising of the bar of educational excellence. Keeping a check manually for the same might cause flaws and delays, leading… Read More »

Let teachers do the teaching – effectively and efficiently

Teaching is among the most revered professions, but not many people from non-teaching background actually understand what is required out of a teacher employed at a school. Surprisingly, it is often believed (wrongly) that teaching during lectures and marking the exam papers are the sole activities required from this profession. This naive interpretation can lead… Read More »

Digital Education at National Scale – Cloud Computing may be the Key

Akash 2 is getting decent media attention and Akash 3 is already on the way. State governments are eagerly announcing their plans to distribute free laptops to students, and some have even fulfilled the promise. Such events represent the prominent initiatives by India’s government machinery to make digital education accessible to students across regions. These… Read More »