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Role of education in economic development

In today’s knowledge-based era of economic development, education—which is the fountainhead of knowledge—has gained an added importance. In fact, education works as a driving force in the development process of a country and is responsible for much-sought-after intellectual capital and technological boosts, which make the economy more strong and help in developing human capital with… Read More »

A robust education system helps society progress

Education is one of the major sectors that influence the progress of a society. In developed countries, significant investments are made in the education sector and therefore, these countries reap the benefits of a robust and innovative education system. Of late, India is also making impressive strides in improving its education sector. Academic institutions across… Read More »

Having a creative bent of mind? Copy writing can be a true calling for you

Are you bubbling with creative ideas? Do you love writing attention-grabbing punchlines? Copy writing can be an ideal profession for you. An important element of both online and offline marketing, copy writing involves writing various marketing copies, including ad copies, direct mailers, press releases, brochures and other marketing collateral. Copywriters are responsible for converting any… Read More »