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From the eyes of a parent: Is School the only ‘Temple of Knowledge’ for my child?

A common water cooler chat for parents who have school-going children is the steep school fees they’re paying for their child’s education. Apparently some ‘elite’ schools charge a fee that is close to the salary of a mid-level executive. But that doesn’t deter most parents from aspiring for such schools, because when it comes to… Read More »

Why physical activities are important for your kids?

Most of the parents believe that the one and only way to score well in exams is to study regularly and rigorously. However, several studies have revealed that those students who not only study but also get actively involved in various physical activities score better. Indeed, sports participation leads to an improvement in information processing,… Read More »

Do you want a focused child? Read on…

These days, it is quite challenging for parents to raise focused children. kids are now growing up amidst lots of distractions. Therefore, most of the children face difficulty focusing on their daily routines/activities. Being parents, you can help your child be more focused. The following tips may come in handy for you. Build your kid’s… Read More »

How to help your kids manage back-to-school blues

Most of the students—irrespective of their ages—suffer from back-to-school blues after long vacations. This feeling has a negative impact on students’ academic performance. So, being parents, you should help your children keep such feeling at bay. Here are some tips that will come in handy for you. Do not break your kids’ daily routine even… Read More »

How to teach your toddlers at home

For any parents, home preschooling is challenging yet rewarding. Nevertheless, parents should not forget that discipline is an essential prerequisite for effective teaching and learning. So, be disciplined first and then plunge into the excitement called preschooling. Indeed, preschoolers are quite curious about their surrounding world. Therefore, hands-on learning is the most effective way to… Read More »

Dos and Don’ts while allowing kids to surf the internet

The internet waves have swept across the country, with almost every urban household having internet access through different modes of connection. Gone are the days when the term ‘internet savvy’ was only applicable to a handful of people. Nowadays, not only elders but kids are also riding high on this WWW wave. However, the internet… Read More »

How to be your teen’s best friend?

Managing teens may be a big challenge for parents. A survey has revealed that 90% of parents find it difficult to deal with their adolescents. Thus, growing discords between parents and teens become a regular affair at this stage. According to some psychologists, friendly bonds should be developed between parents and youngsters, as such bonds… Read More »

Have tech-free family time

Quality time with family means lots of lively and healthy interactions among all family members, with kids being actively involved in it. Nevertheless, in most of the families, various technical gadgets dominate this time, which is not a healthy sign. If you want to protect your family time from this unpleasant tech invasion, the following… Read More »