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STEM education: Unlocking enormous opportunities for today’s generation

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education signifies the curriculum based on these four disciplines. In the global education landscape, STEM-based learning is steadily gaining prevalence. Even in India, many schools have started considering this academic discipline while formulating curriculum of their K-12 segment, the reasons being developing students’ interest in technology-based learning and encouraging… Read More »

Benefits of hands-on learning

“I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.” Confucius This quote mirrors the benefits of hands-on learning. Time and again, it has been proved that the hands-on learning environment provides students with a better understanding of any concept/topic/subject. Especially when it comes to science education, hands-on learning activities… Read More »

Learning with building blocks: A new perspective to today’s education

  Most people—irrespective of their ages—love playing with building blocks. Indeed, the attraction of this bright-colored toy is irresistible. However, the use of building blocks is now not only confined to the realm of game. These days, they are increasingly being used in the teaching/learning purposes. Teachers, across the world, are using these building blocks… Read More »

New products of the Indian classrooms – Robots

  Gone are the days when extracurricular activities at schools only meant dance, music or painting. Even as certain schools have geared up a lot more to make their students more artistically inclined to art forms such as these, extracurricular activities have gone hi-tech in a few other schools these days. Students now want to… Read More »

Hands-On Learning – The common foundation for education and learning

A common debate, in both academic and business circles, is about the value of formal business education compared to that of real-world experience. While there are both staunch supporters and detractors of B-school education, the positive value-add that work experience brings for any professional is well acknowledged by all. The significance of first-hand business experience… Read More »

Hands-On Learning – Making learning more fun and Effective

I hear and I forget I see and I remember I do and I understand – Chinese proverb Some time back, I was teaching my nephew a geometric problem based on cubes and cuboid. Though he is a fairly bright boy, he found it difficult to understand and solve the problem following his usual way… Read More »

Transform attitude towards education

In a society richly steeped in culture, traditions, heritage and multilingualism, we need to reflect on transforming the attitude towards education. The educational system must allow for the fact that there are different ways of knowing and learning styles, and impart learning accordingly, rather than focus merely on “knowing” and impose information. The focus should… Read More »

Don’t curb your creativity

A friend of ours narrates this little tale: “When studying for our diploma in electrical engineering more than 25 years ago, me and my classmates used to discuss quite a many things technical. One topic we discussed extensively one day was a battery-powered two-wheeler. A company had launched one, but the attempt had failed. One… Read More »