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Next EducationDecember 12, 2017


The Supreme Court of India has rejected a plea for a single board. On December 8, the three-judge Bench led by Chief Justice Dipak Mishra rejected the petition filed by primary school teacher Neeta Upadhyay seeking ‘one nation, one education board.’


Contradiction to Apex Court’s Views

This judgement is a contradiction to a previous view of an apex court. In …

Next EducationSeptember 5, 2017


The West Bengal government is going to introduce English medium teaching in government schools from the primary level.

The education minister made the announcement recently at a school function in the capital city of Kolkata.

What the move entails?

The government hopes to meet the needs and aspirations of both parents and students in this way.

Teaching in the Bengali medium will also continue alongside.


Next EducationSeptember 5, 2017


From 2019, students taking any Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) exams must have Aadhaar cardss. That is because the BSEB has decided not to allow any other identity cards from the next academic year.

The board had earlier made Aadhaar or any other such identity card mandatory for appearing in its exams in 2018. However, from 2019, only students with Aadhar will be able to fill the forms.

The admit card of each candidate will have their Aadhaar number on it.

The board is doing this…

Next EducationSeptember 1, 2017


The government of Uttarakhand has made Sanskrit a compulsory subject for class 1 and 2 students. The state government is talking to the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), so as to set a syllabus.

Uttarakhand has Sanskrit and Hindi as official languages.

How things have changed?

Sanskrit was compulsory from class 3 to class 8 state-board students earlier. Now, students from class 1 to 8 will compulsorily have to study the subject. From class 9 to 12, st…

Next EducationAugust 31, 2017


Students in Tamil Nadu will soon be able to access their state board curriculum lessons on their mobile phones. The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) has already begun work to create textbooks on a digital platform. It is going about it in a phased manner. In the first phase, the SCERT hopes to launch digital lessons for classes 1 to 6, for the academic year 2018-2019.

The SCERT will launch mobile apps on the Android platform, class-wise, during the next five years. …

Next EducationAugust 28, 2017


The Education Department of the Punjab government has asked all government schools in the state to impart moral education.

How will schools do Moral Education?

The department has instructed the schools to utilise the morning assemblies for the purpose. It has told the schools to dedicate part of the assemblies to educate the children about righteousness.

In addition, the schools will also organise story telling contests, debates and lectures on topics related to moral education. In…

Next EducationAugust 3, 2017


The union cabinet has reportedly cleared a proposal to do away with the no-detention policy. However, the government will have to introduce a bill in parliament to amend the Right to Education (RTE) Act, to complete the process. If parliament passes the bill, states will be able to detain the students who fail in the class 5 and 8 exams that the states will conduct.

However, students will be given another opportunity for clearing the exam and will be detained only if they fail in that exam a…

Next EducationAugust 2, 2017


Students of schools affiliated to Odisha’s state education board may soon be able to get their certificates and mark-sheets online, if everything goes according to plan. To make records related to the matriculation examination easily accessible, the board aims to digitise the database of its students.

The board has already sought funds from the state government and hopes to start the project this year. It has submitted a technical report, along with a detailed proposal.

Nearly 6,00,000 s…