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What is PSA and how does it benefit students?

Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) is an examination designed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for students in Classes IX and XI. The objective of this test is to evaluate some important life skills, including creative thinking, critical thinking, communication, and decision making, of students so that they can succeed in their life. Further, it… Read More »

Educational games: A new way to strengthen students’ learning curve

How can games help in strengthening students’ learning curve? This is probably the first question that will pop in the readers’ mind. Games; however, have a large role to play in rekindling students’ interest in studies. Various games, such as chess, help in inculcating rational as well as creative thinking, analyzing, strategizing, communication, and time… Read More »

Open book tests – the cons and pros

Open book tests seem to be more rewarding and intellectual. Opening up a book in an exam hall and looking up an answer seems to be more analytical than learning an answer by rote. According to a principal of a Delhi-based school, “Open book tests must be implemented in a systematic manner. Students need to… Read More »

Can formal education shape individuality?

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” This quote of wisdom (from Albert Einstein) provides a simple yet profound interpretation about the human personality and its inborn uniqueness. An individual’s personality is shaped throughout… Read More »

The evolution of learning

Over the years, learning has evolved to help people understand better and remember longer. The following are various steps of learning evolution. Learning by hearing: Ancient India had the Gurukul system, where lessons were spoken by the Guru and students learned by listening. Learning by seeing, hearing, and doing: In the traditional setting, schools use… Read More »

A robust education system helps society progress

Education is one of the major sectors that influence the progress of a society. In developed countries, significant investments are made in the education sector and therefore, these countries reap the benefits of a robust and innovative education system. Of late, India is also making impressive strides in improving its education sector. Academic institutions across… Read More »

Importance of phonological awareness

Phonological awareness signifies a child’s ability to use ‘words’ and ‘sounds’ appropriately. A kid with sound phonological knowledge can divide any word–for instance ‘cow’–into individual sounds such as ‘c-o-w’. Apart from laying the foundations for good reading skills, phonological awareness helps in building many other skills. It enables kids to Identify rhyme words, for instance,… Read More »

Teach Your Teens The Needed Tech Skills

In the technology age when most of the children are often in front of computers, it is important that being a parent you should teach your child some necessary tech skills. Instead of letting your child simply do social networking or download games and songs, make him learn some tech skills for his future.