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Personalised professional development for teachers

Personalised learning is currently a buzzword in the education sector. It is a learning approach that is often associated with students and implies the understanding that every learner comes with their baggage of biological and socio-cultural influences, and hence has individual needs, learning style and pace. The emphasis, therefore, is on teaching-learning practices tailored to… Read More »

Focus on teachers will improve the quality of education

Initiatives to build a professional identity and enhance the skills of teachers will definitely improve the quality of teaching. To enhance the quality of the education, it is important to bring the focus back to educators. Society should pay the reverence to teachers. People in ancient India opined that the guru was ‘Brahma, Vishnu and… Read More »

Lesson planning

For any teacher, a lesson plan works as a blueprint of what to be taught and how to be taught in the class. However, it is important for you to identify learning objectives before planning the lesson. Once learning objectives are identified, it will be easier for you to develop proper learning activities and strategies… Read More »

How to promote emotional intelligence in teachers

Emotional intelligence (EI) is one of the common traits that defines successful teachers. EI denotes a person’s ability to understand his/her feelings and emotions as well as those of the people around him/her. The classroom is a place where various emotions are palpable. Therefore, a teacher should have strong emotional intelligence so that he/she can… Read More »

Importance of emotionally competent teachers

In the classroom, different emotions–such as enjoyment, anger, excitement, and boredom–are palpable from time to time. Therefore, teachers should have the knowledge of emotional information and the ability to regulate students’ as well as their own emotions. No doubt, teachers’ emotional intelligence has quite an impact on the teaching-learning process. Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to a… Read More »

Teacher professional development

The Indian education sector is dynamic and evolving rapidly. Thanks to modern technologies, the traditional teaching method is fast losing ground to innovative and advanced teaching methodologies and tools. It is time for teachers to harness the benefits of these new-age educational technologies in order to promote holistic learning and ensure academic development of students.… Read More »

Teacher mentors and their growing importance in the education world

The Indian education sector is poised for faster pace of growth. Thanks to the growing number of educational institutes and digitization of education, the K-12 segment has recently undergone a sea change. The situation has led to an increase in the demand for a large number of competent teachers. And this is where comes the… Read More »

Teacher training workshops and their importance

With the advent of technologies, the education sector has undergone a sea change. To keep pace with the evolving teaching landscape, teachers need to keep abreast of the latest happenings in the field. Unlike previous generations, generation Z is now living in tech age, harnessing the benefits of burgeoning globalization, high-end innovations and socio-economic development.… Read More »

How to develop your teaching style

It is important for a new teacher to develop his/her own teaching style. Although there may not be any difference in the basic teaching methodology, teaching styles should be unique and vary from one teacher to another. Especially when it comes to managing pupils, a teacher needs to follow his/her individual style. If you are… Read More »