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What not to do when you set out to be a role model!

By Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra Right from the time you enter the classroom and the time you leave the school building, students tend to observe you and emulate you wittingly or unwittingly. So, you have to look out for a few mistakes that you must avoid in order to be a model for them: Having a… Read More »

Connected classrooms

By Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra Teaching in schools should deliver ‘Ideas worth spreading like a virus’; however, with inspiration instead of sneezing! For teachers to be on the same page with their students in the class, they should go to their students’ wavelength, instead of expecting the opposite. Quality education is reflected through the implementation of… Read More »

Add fun to English grammar—A teacher’s guide

Gone are the days when teachers faced difficulty generating students’ interest in English grammar. With the latest innovations, teaching English grammar is now just a cakewalk. These days, several grammar games and activities are empowering teachers to add some fun elements to grammar lessons. An introduction to grammar games and activities Grammar games and activities refer… Read More »

The importance of project-based learning

In today’s technically evolving world, various life skills—such as problem solving, decision making, critical thinking—are gaining importance. Project-based learning plays a crucial role in honing up these skills. Project-based learning—an innovative teaching method—enables students to gain knowledge and hone up various skills, as students can solve several real-life problems and complex questions while working on… Read More »

Lesson planning

For any teacher, a lesson plan works as a blueprint of what to be taught and how to be taught in the class. However, it is important for you to identify learning objectives before planning the lesson. Once learning objectives are identified, it will be easier for you to develop proper learning activities and strategies… Read More »

Tips to create passionate students

Is it possible for a passionate teacher to get his/her students to be passionate as well? It is commonly believed that passionate teachers can easily create passionate students. However, it is not always true. Many passionate teachers face great difficulties in arousing their students’ interest in the subjects taught by them. The following tips may… Read More »

A teacher must be a good “netizen” too

Today’s children are SMART – Systematic, Meticulous, Active, Realistic and Tactful. Their awareness level is higher than that of their previous generations. They tend to stay more informed than their predecessors do. And there is where lies the need for today’s teacher to be a good netizen. Often, students are told things they already know… Read More »

New-age teaching skills

Like many other professions, teaching profession has undergone rapid changes in the past few years owing to technological advancements. Keeping pace with the latest developments now holds the key to being a successful teacher. Further, in the new-age teaching landscape, teachers need to acquire many new skills, which were quite alien to their predecessors. Here… Read More »

Let’s engage to manage

Engaging students in the teaching-learning process is an important aspect of classroom management. However, it is a daunting task for any teacher. Indeed, if you want to make your students understand what you are teaching, you should first make them listen to you. The following strategies will equip you better to engage your students in… Read More »

How to make up for lost time in your teaching schedule

At times, many teachers need to cancel their classes because of various reasons, such as illness, urgent administrative responsibilities, important meetings and so on. Such cancellations result in teachers falling behind their class schedule. Therefore, it is important for them to look for different methods that will help in covering the syllabus outside of the… Read More »