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NextTools Undergoes a Revamp

NextTools was conceptualised as a universal toolset that can be used by teachers to teach different concepts with ease, using graphical simulations.   The new version of NextTools is characterized with improved features, filling the identified gaps in the old version. It provides students with opportunities to practice the concepts taught in school and deepen… Read More »

eLearning will help achieve education for all

These days, information technology and eLearning methodologies are playing a key role in taking education to the masses. eLearning can overcome geographical barriers easily, since it offers an anytime-and-anywhere-learning facility. This eliminates the need to be physically present to attend a class, thereby obviating the need to travel. Therefore, this method helps in saving time… Read More »

Teachers are eager to use technology

Most of the teachers are nowadays quite adept at using technology. They have started using technology as an effective teaching tool in the classroom. One benefit that they derive from it is that tech-enabled teaching tools helps them manage their time in the classroom better. They have also realized that digital educational technology helps in… Read More »

Things to consider while selecting your kids’ books

  With lots of books for kindergartners available in the market, it is quite challenging for both teachers and parents to select the right books. Many parents and teachers believe that only colorful books are appropriate for kids, while some prefer opting for books with simple texts. However, it is not necessarily that only colorful… Read More »

Be Your Own Teacher

  “Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder, to search for the truth. Have holy curiosity. Make your life worth living.” ―Albert Einstein This wisdom from arguably one of mankind’s sharpest minds can have more than one interpretation, and one that clearly stands out implicates the importance of self-exploration in one’s long and… Read More »

Schools adopting IT to improve quality of education

India has a mammoth education system. The sheer size of India’s educational system presents a huge opportunity for information technology (IT). Schools are now looking at IT as a means to improve the quality of education in general and the quality of teaching in the institutions in particular. Education has changed from blackboard teaching to… Read More »

Homework Gets Easy With These Tips

  Homework is as important as classwork as it helps you remember and correlate the lessons taught in the class. However, after the long hours of school, many children don’t feel like doing their homework, despite knowing that it is mandatory. Here are some tips to help you complete your homework easily: Complete it as… Read More »

Supplemental to Integral – Changing role of technology in education

The role of education in human capital development has been largely acknowledged for decades. However, the education industry, unlike other industries, has been a slow adopter of technology. Although this trend is changing for good, we need to ask–is the change fast enough (considering what’s at stake – the human capital is key to a… Read More »