June 7, 2014June 7, 2014


Implementation of digital learning technology is gradually becoming a norm in schools. Investors and heads of institutions are now more willing to invest in a digital learning system. Training of teachers, therefore to ensure that classroom technologies yield positive results is essential.

Of course, technology is never a substitute for good teaching. Good teachers need to be trained to integrate their pedagogy and content knowledge to impart skills of 21st century education, in the way that …

May 31, 2014May 31, 2014


The role of education in human capital development has been largely acknowledged for decades. However, the education industry, unlike other industries, has been a slow adopter of technology. Although this trend is changing for good, we need to ask–is the change fast enough (considering what’s at stake – the human capital is key to a nation’s empowerment)?

No doubt, the last decade witnessed a growing awareness of eLearning solutions among students, teachers and other stakeholders in th…

October 28, 2013October 28, 2013


MOOCSMOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are a huge phenomenon today. They are much in demand today because of the flexibility in their structure. MOOCs are not only sought after by students, but also professionals who want to equip themselves to deal w…