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Homework Gets Easy With These Tips

Homework is as important as classwork, since it helps you take a grip on what was taught in the class on a particular day. However, after spending long hours at the school, students usually don’t feel like doing homework in spite of knowing that it is mandatory. Read further to learn some tips that will… Read More »

Handy Revision Tips While Exams

Students tend to panic before their exams, irrespective of their levels of preparation. The following tips help students ease their stress and gain the much-required confidence: Make a Timetable According to researchers, every student should make a timetable, as preparations according to a timetable gives better results than long unscheduled preparations. Make your timetable with… Read More »

Managing Time Between Sure And Unsure Questions

During exams, students often face the dilemma of answering sure or unsure questions first. No matter how well one prepares for examinations, such a situation usually creates when the major concern is to finish the entire question paper on time, with all the questions properly answered. The following guidelines will help you make a smart… Read More »

Devoting The Entire Day While Exams: How Much It Works

Many students try to take in the most in the last few days before their exams. However, last-minute preparation is not considered good. In fact right before the exam, it is extremely important for you to relax your mind and body and most importantly, say ‘No’ to tension. If your mind is not fresh but… Read More »

10 Minutes Left for the Class- What Should You do To Maintain Control

At times, a teacher finishes teaching well before the time. Therefore, to control students in the remaining time, it is important for the teacher to engage students some way or the other. Go through the following points that will guide you how to keep students engaged: You can simply ask questions related to what you… Read More »