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Learning through Online Videos

Learning through online videos is a very enjoyable experience. Video lectures are one of the smart tools for delivering the course content in the modern-day classroom scenario. The instructor selects the best content delivery method during the process of creating an extensive educational method in the course design phase. The major benefits of an online… Read More »

BYOD Initiative in Classrooms

The education system today is leaving no stone upturned to tap the enormous potential of mobile devices in educating new-age learners, who are given to the convenience of technology for practically everything, from connecting with people, to booking tickets, finding places, searching information, and what not! There’s just no end to the list of things… Read More »

How Effective is Play-way Method of Teaching?

An activity that is done for enjoyment without thinking about the end result could be called play. For generations there is a current of thought that while play is fun, it is also a waste of time that could be spent more productively doing something useful, or gainful, for that matter. Childhood is the time… Read More »

The Importance of Quality Artwork in Schoolbooks

Did you know that the use of illustrations in schoolbooks dates back to the 17th Century? The Orbis Pictus by Comenius is the first schoolbook to have had illustrations. Pictures, as we know, are first order symbols that represent familiar and concrete experiences. Words are second order symbols that are abstract. Hence pictures are easily… Read More »

How Effective is Flipped Classroom Teaching?

Introduction The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed. Students view short video lectures of their lessons at home before the class session. The in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects or discussions. The  pre recorded lecture could be a podcast or any… Read More »

How to learn how to learn?

  “What did I just see?” It was December, 2009. I finished attending a seminar on soft skills at an institute on a Sunday afternoon. While leaving the hall, I was thinking about a presentation I was told to give in class the next day. I was about to take the stairs to the parking… Read More »