July 21, 2018July 21, 2018


Learners find it increasingly difficult to appreciate science subjects in isolation because they are mostly unable to relate the concepts with adequate instances from their experience. Moreover, all the fields of science are developing by leaps and bounds aided by their interrelated nature. However, students are force-fed concepts within subject-specific boundaries even today. The use of science in our daily lives is also of an integrated nature, such as the use o…

March 14, 2018March 14, 2018


CBSE Discontinues Certain Electives for Classes 9 and 11; Makes Other Changes

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made a major move by removing certain elective subjects from the class 9 and class 11 curricula from the academic year 2018-2019.

On March 9, 2018, the CBSE sent a notification to all its affiliated schools stating that it will discontinue 3 subjects for Class 9:

August 8, 2017August 8, 2017


The government of Uttar Pradesh has decided to extend its School Chalo Abhiyan up to August 31. The authorities earlier conducted the Abhiyan from July 1 to July 31.

The drive managed to enroll 16,500 children in July, as against its target of 26,000.

The government has targeted the campaign at taking children who are 6-14 years old back to school.

Officials did a number of household surveys in the last academic session and used these to calculate the number of children out of school.

August 1, 2017August 1, 2017



A number of petitions were filed against the CBSE’s decision to set different question papers for students who appeared for NEET in English language and in other vernacular languages. This made students unhappy across the country. As soon the Supreme Court (SC) dismissed the plea to re-conduct the NEET, the board  announced these dates to issue the answer keys.


Late Monday evening CBSE released a statement explaining that the answer key for NEET-UG…

July 17, 2017July 17, 2017


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) expects to reduce the examination period and give examiners more time to check the answer sheets by holding the class 10 and 12 final exams in two shifts on the same dates. The plan came into being after a meeting with principals of leading schools in the Delhi NCR region.

A final decision will be taken about the suggestions after review by two committees of the CBSE that suggest improvements in its systems.

Generally, the CBSE conducts the …

April 20, 2017April 20, 2017


Adolescence, generally equated with the teenage years is usually a difficult phase of life. Most adolescents live under the impression that nobody understands their perspectives, aims and aspirations; and that the older generation has no regard for their choices and opinions. There is often a conflict when their desire or claim for independence and autonomy is received with stark refusal from their parents. Most parents find dealing with their adolescent kids a herculean task. As the current gen…

March 10, 2017March 10, 2017


Exams are synonymous with stress and anxiety for many of you. As the exams draw nearer, the stress levels build up, to the extent that all the year-long hard work goes in vain. We understand your problem. To help you retain all you have studied, and  brace your exams with confidence, we bring you these tips.

Prepare from well organised notes

Just before the exam you are pressed for time; you need to revise a lot and all subjects. Going back to all through the year you have studied …

February 22, 2017February 22, 2017


Sibling rivalry is any feeling of jealousy, competition or enmity towards one’s sibling(s). It may or may not be mutual. For parents, any form of it in any extent can be very challenging to deal with.


The following points may assist you in dealing with sibling rivalry in your children:


  • Start before they start:
  • First off, try to have a gap of at least 3 years in between your children. Children who are closer in regards to age ten…

February 18, 2017February 18, 2017


Most children dislike, if not dread, doing their homework. As a parent, it becomes a gruelling task to properly motivate your children towards doing their assignment on time. You cannot do the homework for them because you understand how important it is for the  children to do it themselves. At the same time, you cannot push them beyond a certain extent as it may break their spirit. The following  are some smart tips on how to make your children understand the importance of doing their homewor…

March 9, 2015March 9, 2015


Most teens love to live a carefree life filled with fun and adventure. However, many teens have revealed that they have friends who score the best grades in exams but end up being cocooned when it comes to social life. But there is, according to them, a rare section of teens, who can juggle both studies and social life effortlessly.

The following are a few habits of such teens:

Taking initiatives

Such teens always prefer taking initiatives at home as well as school. The…