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How to create a positive classroom climate


Creating a positive classroom climate is an important aspect of classroom management. Interestingly, the term ‘classroom climate’ is something more than the physical environment of a classroom. It refers to the process that helps in developing a psychological framework for all types of learning activities happening in the classroom.

When it comes to successful classroom-based learning, the importance of the classroom climate cannot be overlooked. Studies have revealed that students tend to learn better and their performance increases if their classroom’s climate is positive.

Now the question is how a teacher can get the classroom climate positive. The following tips will show the way.

  • At the beginning of the academic session, the teacher should set classroom behavior standards. With this, the teacher can send out a strong message that the classroom should be considered a place of learning and respect. Students should be acquainted with all types of behavioral boundaries in the classroom right from day one. It will help in creating a positive classroom climate.
  • The teacher should keep classroom rules short and simple in order for them to be more effective. Also, it is important for teachers to use positive statements while introducing these rules in the classroom. For example, ‘work silently at your seat’ instead of stating that ‘do not disturb your classmates.’ Not only announcing rules but the teacher should also review them sporadically in order to remind students about appropriate classroom behaviors.
  • To create a positive classroom climate, the teacher should create a positive relationship with his/her students. It has been found that students are more likely to behave or act properly to their teacher if they share a healthy bond with him/her.
  • Teachers should be the behavioral role model to their students. Since teachers are responsible for shaping their students’ behavior by setting an example, they should behave with the same level of respect as well as civility that they expect from their students.

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