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10 Minutes Left for the Class- What Should You do To Maintain Control


At times, a teacher finishes teaching well before the time. Therefore, to control students in the remaining time, it is important for the teacher to engage students some way or the other.

Go through the following points that will guide you how to keep students engaged:

  1. You can simply ask questions related to what you have just taught in the class. This way, students will not only be able to revise the topic taught but will also stay engaged until the class gets over.
  2. You may ask for questions or doubts related to the topic taught from students. It will help students clear their doubts instantly and get a better understanding of the topic.
  3. You may ask students to jot down the points that they have just learnt as a summary. If they write down what they have learnt, they will be able to memorize the topic easily.
  4. At times, you may even pick up a topic related to current affairs and ask students to express their opinions on the same. Ultimately, this activity will help students increase their knowledge of current affairs.

The above-mentioned points will on the one hand help you keep the class engaged until the bell goes out and on the other hand, will help your students learn more in just one class.

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