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How to score good marks in ICSE History and Civics


Social Science papers in ICSE comprise History, Civics and Geography. It is important for students to score good marks in both the papers in order to get a good grade in the exam. However, it has been found that many students struggle to get good marks in the History and Civics. Here are some tips that will help students perform well in the subject.

  • While preparing for the history and civics exam, most of the students tend to mug up all answers. However, mugging up alone cannot help you get good grades. You should try to compose all answers using significant and factual information and elaborate important points. Make sure that your answers are coherent and information-rich.
  • Focus on objective types of questions, as they are more scoring than long answers.
  • To get a hint of question types, you should also check the question papers of previous years. You can also appear in mock tests to brush up your knowledge.
  • While preparing long answers, use mind maps. They will help you not only memorize the answers but also revise them just before exams.

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