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Tips for a New Class Monitor


You are starting out as a class monitor; it is natural to be nervous because you will have new tasks to do. You may also feel that now that you are a leader, you need to be trusted and respected by your classmates even as you continue to be friendly and warm with them.

Here are some tips that can help you:

Know your school well. You must be well aware of your school building, timetable of your class, and most importantly, your school teachers as well as all non-teaching staff.

Voice your concerns clearly. This especially applies if you are talking to the principal. Principals are busy people. So, when you go to them with a concern, you have to be concise and have all the facts ready to be told. Don’t go to them for the same purpose several times. Don’t meet them thrice where one meeting would have done the job.

Know your class well. Know the personalities, attitudes, and talents of your classmates. It’s useful.

Don’t be high-handed. Don’t act like a monarch. Don’t stay distant. Always appreciate others’ talents and honesty. Just get them to trust you and your decisions.

Volunteer to take leadership in group projects, even if you are new to leadership. Once you know your classmates well, it will help you make decisions better. Be there and take initiatives.

Try to bring in a win-win solution in any conflict (unless it is against the rules of the school). This shows that you care for your classmates.

Discipline yourself. You must be aware as well as strictly follow all rules and regulations of your school. Be attentive to your dress, your homework assignments, and your day-to-day activities at the school. Remember that integrity is the key.

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