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I Can, I Will

Sahiti Dacha studying in class X in Secunderabad Public school, Hyderabad is one of the toppers in her school and has been a state level Table Tennis player as well. Next Gurukul approached to know how she manages her time between studies and sports to float on the top.

Q. How do you cope with the building pressure from parents, teachers and schools, in this growing competitive world?

Though competition is increasing but then the facilities and support to sail through the competition are also growing. Smart classes help us a lot in understanding the curriculum content irrespective of the subject.  I try to concentrate during the classes itself so that I take in the basics then and there. When you understand the concept while being taught, the pressure of studying in shinning out does not arise as such. You easily manage through and your parents and teachers put their full faith in you too.

Q. How do your work upon to increase your concentration? Anything special?

Sports is the only way out for me to increase and work upon my concentration power. I really feel that playing a sport works to enhance one’s concentration. I feel fit, though a bit tired, but fresh mentally, and when studying after sports, I’ve noticed I understand concepts more and better. In fact, studying is less time consuming for me after a session with sports. Involve yourself with a hobby or an activity which helps you relax, but make sure this activity does not dominate your studying.

Q. CBSE has introduced various competitions like SGAI, PSA, ASL recently. Do you think students should participate in these? Or are these stressful?

Of course, all thanks to the CBSE Board, we are getting umpteen numbers of opportunities to know our caliber and where our skill set is. I say, students should definitely participate in as many competitions as they can as per their capacity and interest, it helps them knowing where their interest and skills lie which will really help them in drafting thier future. These competitions won’t be stressful if the students are equally interested to participate. You are stressful only when you feel so.

Q. How do you prepare for your exams, any special techniques? Q. How do you manage time when you have lots of homework?  

There is no special technique for studying; it is only about loving your studies. For me, studying is more of a stress buster. There is so much to learn around us that it keeps me curious enough to keep going. I follow a very simple rule: whenever I study, I study with full concentration and devotion, be it for an hour or just 20 mins. I am determined enough to not let my mind get distracted in between. This helps me in taking aptly without wasting any time. If you are loyal towards studying, it is loyal towards you too.

Q. Any tips for fellow students on managing time and studying effectively?

Never study for marks. You should always love your subjects like I do. Study with the aim of acquiring knowledge not for the sake of it. Change your attitude from rote-learning to actual learning. If you are not good at a subject, the best way is to chant. For instance, you might not be good at maths, chant your way through. Repeat at least 10 times before starting, “I am good at maths”, trust me, you will eventually develop a love for the subject. And lastly, Believe in Yourself and Your Caliber.

Believe in “I Can, I will” ! 

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