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Next EducationApril 4, 20171min0

CBSE Likely to Make Lockers a Must-have in Schools

In what may be an appreciative move, the CBSE is planning to make it mandatory for schools to install lockers for students where they can keep the books they do not need at home. The idea, if implemented, could be highly beneficial in reducing the burden of bags on students shoulders.


Heavy backpacks have become a cause of great health concern and has therefore prompted the board to consider installation of lockers as a prerequisite when it comes up with new affiliation by-laws. A senior official is reported to have said on the issue, “A number of parents and students have raised this issue and despite us having issued many advisories and directions, a lot still needs to be done. If schools have a locker inside the premises, students will be able to keep books that are not required (at home) in the school itself. The investment by the schools will also be a long-term one and which is why we are planning to link it to affiliation.”


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