CBSE schools to have Integrity Clubs

NEW DELHI, 28th November, 2011:- Schools affiliated to the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) will have “Integrity Clubs” now. The CBSE recently issued a circular directing the schools to form the clubs to inculcate moral values in children. The clubs will aim to sensitise students and make them aware of life skills to counter the excessive influence of television, the Internet and cell phones, according to the CBSE circular. “The Integrity Clubs are designed as community groups for cultivating human values among students by organising games, activities and workshops in schools,” it said. “Due to excessive influence of the electronic media, the Internet and mobile phones, the nuclear family system, and rapidly growing urbanisation, children are more exposed to negative values,” the circular said. The circular said that schools could set up the Integrity Clubs on the lines of the model followed by the Airports Authority of India, and pointed out that the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan had already adopted the model in its schools. The Integrity Clubs are designed as community groups for cultivating human values among students through games, activities and workshops in the schools, the circular added. According to the model, the clubs work on inculcating 12 basic values, which include honesty, brotherhood, integrity, love, patriotism, compassion, tolerance, secularism, unity, simplicity and honesty. The club will work on spreading values through activities like sharing anecdotes, narrating stories, reciting poems, group discussions, music, drama and painting.

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  • Rohini Kumar Gupta

    December 5, 2011 at 17:28

    It’s an excellent thought/idea. I have been implementing it in my own way whenever I interact with students and children. My experience has been great, and I have several ideas. How can I contribute more? Do let me know.


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